What’s Old Is New Again

I never realized that my own daughters would struggle with many of the decisions in raising children as my generation did. Back in the eighties all the young moms in my neighborhood couldn’t wait to step into the work force and be respected as much as a man. I remember the many conversations all of us shared. Half of the  Read More »

Mirror, Mirror…

The other day my daughter came over with her little girl, who is almost one. She was sitting on the floor playing with her as we both watched her learning to walk. We started talking about how children mimic their parents. (and anyone who is close to them.) It occurred to my daughter that when she gets a little frustrated  Read More »

The Hardship Lesson

You can’t tell a single mother there is something positive when she struggles to pay her light bill. That mother doesn’t see her hardship as a life lesson yet, knowing there’s only $38.00 to budget for a week’s worth of groceries. That mother can’t see the wisdom in those struggles, not yet anyway. That was me too, when I was  Read More »


You know how a child asks to push them faster on the swings? They seem so fearless in their joy of reaching new heights and never question how high they should go…It reminded me of the other day. I was with my daughter in law and her two children and we also brought my nine month old grand-daughter along in  Read More »

A Victim No More

I wonder how many mother’s caught the latest Life-class with Oprah and guests? It’s always a positive to see programs and discussions empowering women, everywhere. In particular all the single mom’s out there. I was struck by the numbers of mom’s who felt so victimized. My heart always goes out to those who are struggling, challenging themselves everyday, to make  Read More »

The Wonders of Springtime

The Wonders of Springtime

You know what they say… never lose the child inside of you. That couldn’t be more true when I think of the changes and joy this season brings to all of us. This is the time of year, for new beginnings and change is all around. Nature is blooming, animals are bearing their young and people want to feel refreshed  Read More »

Your Toddlers Birthday Parties

Your Toddlers Birthday Parties

When I was running my Home Daycare business, I noticed how many parents went overboard planning their children’s birthday parties. I never understood why so many parents pressured themselves to out do each other. In my daycare a child’s birthday was a fun and wonderful celebration too, but it was very simple and homemade. First off, we all decorated that  Read More »

Envision Yourself to Happiness

Envision Yourself to Happiness

When my youngest turned two, I was at a crossroads in my life. My marriage was falling apart, my dream of my idyllic family life came crashing down. I, like many other women, wasn’t ready to take the lead with all those responsibilities on my shoulders, alone. I remember when I was a young teenager, hearing the phrase, “God doesn’t  Read More »

When Things Go Right


I know, it’s rare, but you know what? It does happen, every now and then. I was visiting my daughter who just had her second baby. A friend of hers stopped by and we got to talking about parenting. She was in her late twenties, married, with one child. She was telling me how difficult it was to keep up  Read More »

About The Author:
Laurie Cesario-OvertonLaurie Cesario-Overton was born and raised in California. She was happily married for many years to a good man, but unfortunately, he was diagnosed with Manic/Depression. They tried counseling, Marriage Encounter and sought guidance from their church, however his health issues became a greater concern and grew into a much bigger problem.

She was a stay at home mother of five, and to supplement their income she took care of several neighborhood children. When her marriage ended, a friend suggested she get Licensed for Family Home Daycare, to add a more professional stamp to her home-based business. It was the best decision for her family at that time.

They did not have much, and faced many struggles and hardships. Even through her most difficult times, she has always said," It is a Gift and an Honor to be their mother." She has been in the business of caring for children for over twenty-five years.

Many families have asked Laurie to write about her experiences and tips on parenting. Due to complications recovering from surgery, she was unable to return to the work she has loved all her life.

In 2007, she remarried a wonderful man and now lives in Nevada. She decided to write her first book titled, "Home Daycare and Practical Parenting". She has begun working on her second book about mental illness and hopes to shed some light on how families are affected. Her children are all grown and now some of them are raising their own babies. She considers herself to be a very lucky mom, with many blessings.

Laurie maintains two websites:

» Homedaycare4You.com - This site is for both Providers and Parents seeking information about Family Home Daycare. Whether you are interested in becoming a childcare provider or you are searching for a smaller, more personal family-environment, you will find valuable information here.

» ParentsTalking.com - A journal blogging site of: Shared stories, Family Life, Raising children and Finding Yourself. Feelings about Sisterhood, Motherhood, and Friendships along the way. Letters describing what it felt like becoming a Grandmother to getting Remarried in your 50's. A little Something for Everyone.