The Dating Dilemma

The Dating Dilemma

Everybody wants to be in love. When single mothers decide to get back into the dating world again, it is not always easy. Not just because you have children, but because you start taking risks that might involve more hurt feelings, again. I would like to think that there is that one “best” time to start over. There isn’t. Some  Read More »

Faithful Parenting

Faithful Parenting

In all of our lives as Mother’s, raising our children is the number one priority. Taking care of them, and doing right by them, is our responsibility. Every now and then, we fall short and struggle with our own uncertainties, and self worth. We all must remember to keep our focus on doing our best. Call on your strengths, your  Read More »

Being a Role Model

Being a Role Model

If I had to choose one sentence that would best describe what I feel parents need to learn, it would be this: Be your child’s BEST ROLE MODEL in all the ways that truly count. Be your child’s HERO. Whatever you do, do it for all the right reasons. Be patient, then teach it. Be kind, then show it. Be  Read More »

The Simple Things…

The Simple Things...

In all my years of raising children I was often asked, “How does it come so easy for you?” Easy isn’t really the right word. Parenting isn’t something that is easy or hard, it is your choice. Everyday when your feet hit the floor you can decide to make this a good day or not. I was one of those  Read More »

The Red Bench

Garden Bench

It’s ironic that we give children “time out” for misbehaving to remind them to be nice, but when it comes to grown ups we don’t. So I got to thinking about the red bench that I used in my daycare and thought wouldn’t it be great if us grown ups had a red bench to sit on every time we  Read More »

One More Day

We will never walk alone

Hello single mothers out there. I have been thinking about everyone who does this job and wonder how you are doing? Isn’t it nice to know there are people you have never met who think of you and send their love? Wouldn’t this world be a lot brighter if we did that and spoke of it more often? So today,  Read More »

Look, Listen, then Follow your Heart

Look, Listen, then Follow your Heart

My family came up to visit for Mother’s Day.  I took my grand-children to our local park. They were having a great time climbing rope ladders, playing on all the curvy slides, and digging in the sand. I packed a picnic lunch and brought extra water bottles, since it’s been on the warmer side. My oldest grand-daughter came running into  Read More »

About The Author:
Laurie Cesario-OvertonLaurie Cesario-Overton was born and raised in California. She was happily married for many years to a good man, but unfortunately, he was diagnosed with Manic/Depression. They tried counseling, Marriage Encounter and sought guidance from their church, however his health issues became a greater concern and grew into a much bigger problem.

She was a stay at home mother of five, and to supplement their income she took care of several neighborhood children. When her marriage ended, a friend suggested she get Licensed for Family Home Daycare, to add a more professional stamp to her home-based business. It was the best decision for her family at that time.

They did not have much, and faced many struggles and hardships. Even through her most difficult times, she has always said," It is a Gift and an Honor to be their mother." She has been in the business of caring for children for over twenty-five years.

Many families have asked Laurie to write about her experiences and tips on parenting. Due to complications recovering from surgery, she was unable to return to the work she has loved all her life.

In 2007, she remarried a wonderful man and now lives in Nevada. She decided to write her first book titled, "Home Daycare and Practical Parenting". She has begun working on her second book about mental illness and hopes to shed some light on how families are affected. Her children are all grown and now some of them are raising their own babies. She considers herself to be a very lucky mom, with many blessings.

Laurie maintains two websites:

» - This site is for both Providers and Parents seeking information about Family Home Daycare. Whether you are interested in becoming a childcare provider or you are searching for a smaller, more personal family-environment, you will find valuable information here.

» - A journal blogging site of: Shared stories, Family Life, Raising children and Finding Yourself. Feelings about Sisterhood, Motherhood, and Friendships along the way. Letters describing what it felt like becoming a Grandmother to getting Remarried in your 50's. A little Something for Everyone.