Pep Stephen, I Live with My Mom

Pep Stephen I Live with My MomPep Stephen, I Live with My Mom is based on a true story. The first book is an introduction of an eight year old boy who lives in a single parent home. He is of ethnic descent, African-American and Portuguese. Although he is not raised in a typical “family” setting, he has lots of character, lots of joy, and lots of love. He is a good boy in an unfair situation. He beats the odds by being an “A” honor roll student and a great help to his mom. He spends a lot of time with his nieces and siblings. Pep Stephen is an encouragement to the millions of families that find themselves in this situation and believe it is impossible to overcome. In addition, each series will have a P.S. message on the last page… a lesson, if you will, that other children can draw from and apply in their lives.

Written by Alice Monterio and Colby Harrison Brown

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