Pros and Cons of Dating a Younger Man

Dating a Younger ManAs single moms we often find ourselves considering younger men. With most men our age already married, the younger ones tend to come into the dating circle with much more ease. While some of us may not bother about the age factor too much, others may wonder if it worth pursuing such a relationship. There is no denying the fact that like any other relationship, dating a younger man also has its pros and cons and it will help single moms learn about them before they decide if they wish to take the leap or not.

Most of us are aware of these pros and cons but it is important to understand how they will affect us. Below is a list of some aspects of dating a younger man that could work as both an advantage and a disadvantage for a single mom and how to take a call on these matters –

  • Age difference – The age difference between you and your date will be one of the first things that you need to consider. In some cases the difference maybe so much that dating the guy could be a futile attempt. So if the young man you wish to date is a year or so younger, there is rarely need to worry, but in case you are looking to date someone half your age then the difference could be worrisome. Interestingly the age difference can work as a pro as well as a con. The decision needs to be made by you on this front. Do keep in mind that in most cases a larger age difference indicates that the relationship does not have the tendency to go long term and will melt like ice-cream in a short while when both or either partner will tire of it. This will help you to not get hurt emotionally in such a set-up.
  • Responsibility levels – Again here this can be a good thing and a bad thing. A younger man can have no responsibilities and this could work in your favor since dating someone who has a family of his own to cater to could eat up into your space. Sadly, having not many responsibilities could make your younger man shun your responsibilities too and not even understand why they are important to you. Once more the judgment call will need to be made specifically here and there are no blanket rules. If the younger man is a responsible person and understands and deals with your responsibilities well, then the age difference should not be a bother you.
  • Energy quotient – Younger men are bound to be more energetic than you and again here this is a good thing and a bad one too. In some cases this high energy level can mean that you will have to keep up with it and with the kids and home front exhausting you, it may not be something you like. On the other hand the high energy level could work in your favor in bringing some action into your life and also helping you cope up with your daily chores.

Remember that just like there are no guarantees in any other relationship, the same holds true here too.

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