Quick and Simple Tips and Tools to go from Mess to Success

Tips and Tools to go from Mess to SuccessI am a single mom and have been for over a year. Technically I’ve only been divorced for 2 months but I have been taking care of my lil ones solo for over 2 years. I am a Health and Wealth Consciousness Coach, Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor and Writer.   My main goal is to support women and entrepreneurs to get healthy and become a magnet for wealth in their life (or anything else you desire).

I had no money and we were living with my parents my children were only 13 months and 2.5 years old at the time. I was mourning the loss of so many dreams, mainly the one where I live in a house with a white picket fence and the kids play in the yard while I cook dinner and enjoy the togetherness of a loving husband and family time.

I think one of the hardest things for me is the acceptance that I spent a good part of my young girl turned young single girl life wanting this fairytale marriage, the love of my life, the wedding, the pregnancies, the house and all of the memories that come with that. I have to be honest, I am still having a hard time accepting that its not how my life turned out.

My business was pretty successful. I went from no money to thousands of dollars helping women achieve their goals of changing their mindset so they could be successful and happy in their lives, its what I call “redesigning motherhood” Its really about changing what we think a single mother has to look like, act like and be like but most important is that we have to change how we think of ourselves.

I wish that I could say I made thousands of dollars and lived happily ever after but that’s not the case, exactly. I moved to my dream city (and one I had lived before, my daughter was born here) in Los Angeles, California. I had no idea how hard it would be leaving my family and friends to pursue my dream of living in sunny California.  I had never lived alone before and the stress of living alone, being responsible for the first time for my kids and myself was overwhelming. I had a friend 30 minutes away but in LA time it may as well have been 300 miles. I was on my own and my fear grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. I was scared; I cried almost everyday and I began to isolate myself from everyone and everything in my life.

I began to eat to console myself and the Holistic Health Coach who once supported her clients to lose weight was doing everything wrong! My exercise regimen was non-existent and my stress was out of control. My back hurt constantly and I was always distracted hustling to try to get the momentum of my business back in motion.  It was nothing I had dreamed and I wondered if I made a big mistake.

I realized that I couldn’t be a support to other women if my own health and money story was spiraling down the toilet so I mustered all of my strength and got focused.

I had to make some changes and fast.  I know for a fact that fear and confusion are two things that hold us back from moving forward and living our lives in a big way.  So I came up with just a few simple actions you can do at home that could be a start to changing your story from overweight, depressed and poor to healthy, wealthy and hot. I want you full of energy and feeling beautiful in your skin and I want to help you “redesign motherhood” so it fits you and your lifestyle. This isn’t our mama’s world anymore, it’s ours and we have to live like we own it!

Quick and Simple Tips and Tools to go from Mess to Success

1. Breathe. Simple yet extremely effective. You need to be a conscious breather. In your nose, out your mouth 3 deep breaths will change your body, your mind and will get you to slow down and get conscious.  Being in you rheas just causes more “what IFs and coulda, shoulda, woulda ” then we have time to entertain. Its time to get into your body so BREATHE.

2. Drain Your Brain with some journaling. I know you don’t have time, you don’t know what to write, you’re too tired… This is about getting out of your head and just getting it out. Just 2-3 pages of nonsense could do the trick and will work if you do it. Just write anything that pops into your mind, it doesn’t matter if its sloppy, doesn’t have to make sense and you can rip it up when you’re finished. Give yourself the gift of draining your brain and you won’t regret the 15 minutes it takes to do it, promise!

3.  Write ” I am’ statements and post them everywhere. “I am wealthy” “I am beautiful ‘ “I am a successful business owner” Start to make these “I AMs” or ” I HAVEs” your mantras and repeat them 600x daily.  You can begin to change the way you think and how you define who you are by doing this.

4. & 5.  Eat greens and drink water. So this may seem trite but its true and it works and it shows the Universe that you care for yourself. What you eat affects how you think, which effects how you act and ultimately who you are. So eat greens and drink lots of water, you will begin to feel stronger and healthier.  You will probably begin to lose weight or not feel as bloated and you will absolutely have more energy and as single moms we all need more of that!

These tips may seem obvious or maybe even dumb to some of you but I guarantee that if you actually do them you will begin to feel better, more in control of your life and you will begin to see small shifts and changes in your life and the opportunities that begin to appear.  Stay tuned because I have a ton more to share with you!

Written by Danielle Marggraf

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