Raising Small Children and Taking College Classes

Taking College ClassesMost mothers who wish to get back to work after having babies find that they some additional college courses might help with reintegration in the work space. This is a challenge since single moms need to study as well as take care of the kids, and of course also take care of the house. While the task does seem daunting, it is not an impossible one.

There are some tips below that will help to tackle motherhood and academics together without neglecting either of the two:

  • Schedule study slots – A mom who has tried to study while the kids are home knows for a fact that getting any long period of time without disturbances is almost impossible. Children asking for things, getting into a fight or even playing loudly could break your concentration. The trick is to find the optimal study time slots. Try and study when the kids are out to school or during their nap times. In case you need study for longer hours try and send the kids out for some activities or study during the night. Your study slot should not clash with the kids at home.
  • Focus on kids at important times of the day – There are certain times of the day when we need to be there for thee child. Tucking a baby into bed, asking what happened in school, watching a favorite TV program and even playing in the backyard are all very important contributions in a child’s life. We should not fall into the temptation of studying when the child needs our attention. Yes the kids can play alone in the backyard while we study, but the joy of the game will be very different when we play along. So just like we need to send the kids away when we study, we need to close the books when we spend active time with the children.
  • Bring in help – Be it looking after the children or helping in the studies, do not shy away from asking for help. The study period is only a short one and things will soon settle down to normal, so do not try and do it all on your own. Ask for help with play dates or even hire part time help. Ideally the grandparents or other family members would be the best choice.

In case you find that the books are getting to be too much and you are unable to tackle the load, try and hire a tutor or study with a friend.

Motherhood is not really a summer vacation and if you bring in studies with it, the combination can be extremely overwhelming. An organized schedule is the one way that you will be able to stay on top of things. Make sure you make extra room for the studies when the exams come closer and so, having some activities lined up for the kids at this time is a good idea. When juggling kids and studies remember that it is a short phase and shall pass too!

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