The Red Bench

Garden Bench
Not necessarily red, but a place where you can make peace with your attitude and behavior.

It’s ironic that we give children “time out” for misbehaving to remind them to be nice, but when it comes to grown ups we don’t. So I got to thinking about the red bench that I used in my daycare and thought wouldn’t it be great if us grown ups had a red bench to sit on every time we misbehaved? Would it put us in check? Would we think about our actions more clearly? Would it give us that one moment we might all need, to improve our attitude?

Sometimes grown ups need to be on “time out” too. Our children don’t have that power to tell us to stop, listen and think before we speak or do something, but we do. Perhaps somewhere around your house, apartment or room, there is a chair, or a bench for you to sit and reflect. A place where you can make peace with your attitude and behavior. For me, when my kids were little, it was our backyard swing. When I had a few spare minutes, I would rock away and listen to all the busy thoughts in my head.

Everyone needs to find a space where the grown up can be on “time out.” It doesn’t have to be a negative place but rather one of reflection, healing, thinking, and growing, just like it was in my childcare. I would remind the child, “we need to talk nice to others, and share.” A pretty simple resolution to life’s problems huh?

So next time when life seems overwhelming (I know 90% of your life), or if you feel you are losing your patience, or want to pull the blankets up over your head and hide from everything, find your space. It can be anyplace that let’s you breathe and find peace. The amazing thing about life is that, we are all connected in some way and everyone deserves a little breathing space.

I hope everyone can find their own red bench. Hugs to all you Moms!

Article by Laurie Cesario-Overton

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