Resource Centers for the Developmentally Disabled, Louisiana

The Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities has developed resource centers to increase capacity to support and include people with developmental disabilities. These resource centers are committed to enhancing quality of life by identifying, maximizing, and supplementing the existing supports through utilization of expertise within the services system. Each resource center has a specialty area. Primary focus groups include people with disabilities and their families, providers, professionals and other state agencies.

Resource center initiatives involve:

  • Developing and providing capacity building in specialty areas through training events/educational materials, consultations, technical assistance, and limited direct services;
  • Building partnerships and collaborative relationships with providers, community professionals, other state agencies, educational institutions, professional organizations, and other stakeholders to efficiently target gaps and improve multiple efforts;
  • Recruiting and retaining highly qualified and capable professionals to maintain and increase the pool of expertise in Louisiana; and
  • Accomplishing and promoting research and publication in specialty areas.

The Office of Citizens with Developmental Disabilities currently administers four resource centers:

  • Resource Center on Aging and Developmental Disabilities – Bossier City, LA
  • Resource Center on Community Inclusion – New Orleans, LA
  • Resource Center on Nutritional, Physical and Nursing Supports – Pineville, LA
  • Resource Center on Psychiatric and Behavioral Supports – Hammond, LA

Primary Phone Number: ( 225 ) 342 – 0095
Secondary Phone Number: ( 866 ) 783 – 5553
Fax Number: ( 225 ) 342 – 8823
Single Point of Entry
( 866 ) 783 – 5553

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