Rust Stain Removal Remedies

Rust StainRust stains can be a problem since they are quite stubborn and a just do not respond to the simple stain removal techniques. Strangely right from clothes to baths tubs to even cars, these stains creep on to almost everything. It is in the case of fabric that these stains pose as a tough contender and often some serious chemicals need to be called in.
Thankfully there are a few tricks that one can try on these stubborn fabric rust stains that are effective and natural too.

Below are some natural stain removal remedies that will work well on rust stains on fabric:

  • Manual removal – Begin by first removing as much of the rust as you can by hand. Do not scrape too hard, since this may damage the fiber of the fabric, but gently dust off whatever you can. In most cases the crust will come off with ease and leave behind an orange or yellowish stain. This stain is what we are battling. If you don’t remove the stain crust, it will spread further the moment you dip the garment into water. So remove as much of the rust as possible before you being to combat the stain.
  • Lemon and salt – Soak the stained area in freshly squeezed lemon juice and then sprinkle the region with salt. Lets the fabric soak in the lemon juice and salt mixture for anywhere between 12 to 18 hours. Keep adding more lemon juice if you find it drying up. While the stain is soaking in the lemon juice and salt, do not rub it at all. Rubbing will damage the fabric since the lemon has an acidic content to it. After the soak simply use cold water to wash off the lemon and salt and the stain would have either gone or dulled significantly. In case required the process can be repeated again.
  • Ammonia and warm water – Another natural remedy that works very well on rust stains is ammonia and warm water. You will need to soak the stained area in a mix of ammonia and real warm water for about half and hour. There should be at least two table spoons of ammonia in about four cups of warm water. Once the soaking period is over, use blotting paper to soak up the ammonia mix and the stain. Wash with cold water and the stain would have gone in most cases.

Rust stains can often strike upholstery and in these cases one should target the spot specifically and once the stain has been removed using blotting paper or paper napkins to soak up the moisture around the area will help tremendously. Dish washing soap also is effective in removing rust stains but one should not soak for more than five minutes in this solution since it could damage the color and the fiber of the fabric. In cases of upholstery, dish washing soap can get very difficult to remove and so is not considered an option.

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