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Scholarships are financial help, which does not need to be repaid. Grants are also financial help, which does not need to be repaid. However, they are mostly issued to educational institutions or businesses based on request for the specific grant, and mostly fund well defined projects. Loans are funded borrowed to fund education, and must be repaid in installments, in most cases immediately after graduation. Loans can be issued to the student or to the student's parents.

Maybe you need help understanding loans for undergraduate studies or maybe you just need some pointers on how to get started.

Great Tips for Parents on Where to Find the Best Information for College Planning

College Planning

Helping your child plan and apply for college can be a daunting process. Many times parents do not know where to turn or how to start. Too often parents leave it up to the school to disseminate the pertinent information. While having a relationship with your high school counselor is important, the … [Read more...]

How to pay In-state Tuition, While Attending College Out-of-state

How to pay In-state Tuition

Recently Sallie Mae released a survey that showed that parents are contributing less of their income to pay for college than they did four years ago. In 2009 37% of parents income went toward paying for college. Today only 27% of income is going toward college expenses. The survey found that parents … [Read more...]