Signs That the Man Is Not for a Single Mom

Man As a single mom setting foot in the dating arena again, you will find a large variety of men. While some men will be more suited for you, others you will be able to see as not working out at all. It is important to learn how to see the signs that the man in question is not suited for a single mom. This will help you to avoid these men and save yourself from getting hurt or wasting your time pursuing a relationship with them.

Some such signs that indicate that the man is not for a single mom are discussed below:

  • Irresponsible – An irresponsible man will not work for a single mom with kids. The early signs to watch out for are late comers, those who are disorganized with their schedules, those who do not care much for your time and also those who are not able to keep a job for a long period of time. These men will only bring more chaos into your life and neither you nor your kids need this sort of an added problem. Stay away from these men since it is unlikely that they will bring much balance into your household.
  • Not child friendly – Of course the men who don’t seem to get along with kids and don’t like them either will not do well in your life. The kids are an integral part of your life and so it is important to seek a man who also shares your love for kids. Men who have their own kids are often able to get well with others kids too. There are other men who like kids and enjoy them despite not being fathers themselves. But someone who sees children as a hindrance and finds them annoying will definitely not work for you.
  • Addict – Stay far away from men who show signs of addiction. These men can be very dangerous for you and your family. While no woman should date such men, as a divorced mom you stand to loose a lot more. If you feel the man you are dating has an alcohol issue or is taking drugs, get out of the relationship immediately.
  • Financially dependent – A man who is going to be dependent on you financially may not work out for you either. While you may not wish to depend on the guy for your finances, there is no way that you should allow someone to eat into your children’s pie. The man you date must be financially independent and fully capable of setting a good example to the kids.

As a single mom you want your kids to walk the right path and it is important to keep in mind that you are their only role model. Dating men who are not suitable for you and the kids will make them uneasy and they may throw it in your face too. So choose the men that you date carefully, so as to fare well in your dating life and also in the eyes of your kids.

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