Single Job Woes of a Single Mom

Single Job Woes of a Single MomI had heard my sister complain a lot about her husband putting off having a baby. His argument was that they were not financially stable enough to have a child and her argument was that she was running out of time. I for one could not understand what the whole hue and cry was for.  As far as I saw it both of them were making good money and there was no financial problem. I had just finished school a year back and was making a decent amount of money working in a docking house and part time model. If I could make this much and afford to share a flat with two other girls in the city, I would wonder what kept them from having babies when they owned their own place and were both working.

I mean come on its not like the baby eats at fancy restaurants and wears only designer labels, right?

My idea changed completely when I had a baby of my own. Children do take in a lot of funds and in many cases will require both the parents to hold on to their jobs. In my sister’s case they waited till they had enough so that my sister could take an entire year off to raise the baby. Now I feel that it was a very good move.

Sadly in my case things went wrong in a big way. I got married to a guy who was working with me. I conceived almost right after we got married and once the baby came, things became so bad for us that my husband decided he could not take it anymore and walked out on us. By the end of it all, I was left alone in a rented place, with nothing more than a job at a docking house to sustain and a one year old child to care for.

Expenses mounted like crazy. Diapers, baby food, medicals, and clothes everything seemed to be on the urgent list. I would make baby food at home and try and give my baby finger foods in order to save money. All the baby’s clothes were bought from the second hand store, but even then I was broke by the end of the week. Babies may not go to five star hotels and not need gourmet cuisine, but I did realize how expensive it can be to raise a child.

Completely frustrated with my situation, I decided t start looking for another job to help me supplement my income. This was not going to be easy since my baby was already spending her days in the child care center and if I took up another job it would mean I would have to pay them extra money for the added hours plus I would not get to see my baby till late night. However, if I did not take up another job there was no way that I would be able to sustain the expenses involved since my savings had already run dry. Modeling was out of the question since I was in really bad shape. I looked around to see if there was some work I could get but most of them were offering too little and the hours would just kill me. Where the money was decent, the commute was too much.

I had heard a lot about online jobs and how they were getting so popular and so decided to try my hand at it. I searched the net for sites that allowed for such jobs. There are quite a few actually and some even allowed for free membership. This seemed to be the right option for me. If I could get some work online, I would be able to stay at home, be with my baby and yet make a few more bucks. Plus this will also mean that I will not have to pay extra money for the care center. The problem was despite signing up for three sites and bidding, I was not getting anything.

I began to research other bids. Check out what the competition was offering. I sent out bids and then followed them up. Initially it began with a few employers communicating with me and then I landed a small $50 assignment. It was a very small data entry job and I managed to complete it in overnight. From then on slowly and steadily I built up a few clients who would send me work regularly. Some were articles that needed to be written for the net while some jobs were just data entry. The good thing was that I could work according to my convenience and there were no fixed hours. Over the next few months I began to make a neat little sum without having to leave my baby or pay extra for her care center.

It’s not like I make a whole lot of money working on the net, but yes it does help me to supplement my income. The other option I had was to go to college and get a degree so that I could land a job that could pay me better. Neither do I have the funds for this nor do I have the time for it. The net definitely helped me find a decent way of making some more money without having to compromise on the time that I spent with my daughter or for that matter invest any money.

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