Single Mom – Learns to Mingle

Learns to MingleSingle mothers find that while they may be ready to mingle, they don’t usually know where to begin and how to go about it. In most cases single moms already have a lot on their plate and they wonder hot to get back into the dating groove without having to wear a sign that reads ‘ ready to mingle’

Some tips below will help single moms get back at mingling again:

  • Pursue your passion – As a single mom it will help if you follow your passion. Join a class of clay pottery if you like or a gym or even go bowling if that is what you enjoy. Pursuing your passion will allow you to meet people with similar interests and therefore increase your chances of finding someone with similar likes and dislikes. This way you can learn to mingle with new people and also pursue a passion of yours. Dancing class, sports, music lessons, choose you fashion and follow it.
  • Volunteer – Another great way to mingle with others is to join charities that need volunteers. Right from church to volunteering for a local fest, you can opt for it all. Single moms will find that this is a great way to meet new people, hang out with them and get to know them better, without having to go out on a date, which can be more pressurizing. Amazingly, doing good work in a group helps one to feel good and also allows for social interactions. From here on single moms can choose the relationships they would like to pursue further.
  • Go online - Another great place where single moms can learn to mingle is online. Apart from a few cautions, single mothers find that the net is a very comfortable place to meet people. There are several online dating sites that offer great security and you can get to meet many people here. These sites also get specific and maybe open to only divorced candidates or singles or even married people only. You can take your pick and interest with others and mingle to your hearts content without having to step out of your home.
  • Kid’s activities - You will be amazed at how many new people you can meet and mingle with if you go along for the kid’s activities. Their soccer lessons, their school pick ups and drop offs and even their birthday parties will allow you to meet many new people and then you can pick and choose the ones that you wish to mingle with and take the relationship further.

In most cases a single mom will find that her new single status also pulls her away from her married friends who seem to have different lives. Meeting new people is not all about having a dating circle but also about making new friends. So keep your mind open and keep the tips listed above in mind so that you can pick up the threads of your social life once more and move towards a happier life.

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