Single Mommies Don’t Get Sick

Single Mommies Don’t Get SickMother’s cant get sick and single mothers don’t get sick. At least we don’t get sick days, do we? What do you do when you need to take care of the kids, but you are sick with the common cold, flu, or any other yuck that makes you feel like you really need a day or more off? Here are some tips to help you mend:

1. Stay healthy and avoid getting sick in the first place.
This includes hand washing, getting plenty of rest, and eating a balanced diet. Also try preventive measures such as deep cleaning the house and car weekly, taking vitamins, replacing toothbrushes, avoiding germy areas, and using a netty pot.

2. Don’t ignore your symptoms.
We have so much on our mind we may ignore subtle symptoms that can become big problems. That extreme fatigue can be a sign that something is going on that you need to have checked out. Bacterial infections will be treated with antibiotics and virus symptoms may be treated with pain relievers and other medications.

3. Go to the doctor.
Yes is inconvenient and can be expensive, but if you go to the doctor at the onset of a bug they may be able to help you by giving you treatment before it is in full swing or spreads to the children. If your children had the bug first, which is likely, then call your doctor and see if they can prescribe you the same medication that your child was taking. Always finish your prescription!

4. Rest!
This is easier said than done, but sleep when the kids sleep and nap on the couch while they watch a movie or do a quiet activity. Try to get an 8-hour stretch at least. Rest is essential in getting well. The more you rest, the sooner you will feel better.

5. Call for help!
If your child is enrolled in daycare do not feel guilty taking them to daycare or school while you are at home resting. If you have an in-home sitter, consider paying her more to clean the house the week you are under the weather. Call in any family or friends that are able to take your kids overnight.

6. Housework can wait.
Decontaminate your sick spots but laundry and dishes may start piling up and that’s okay. In order to get well you need to focus on getting well, not next weeks chores. Make a list of what will be important to do when you feel better and save it for when the sickies are gone. Better yet, hire a maid for the week or pay a teen to help you out.

7. Call in sick.
Sick days are called sick days for a reason. Your job is important but they likely prefer you stay home when you are sick anyways. No need to spread the germs and inhibit your path to feeling better. Take a few days off. Your boss may require a note to return to work, thus another reason to make that trip to the doctor.

8. Save the kisses for later.
We love those hugs and kisses but in time of illness tell your kids you love them and give them a peck on the head. Remind them how germs spread and that soon you will be better and can be back to big kisses.

These are simple reminders that you need to follow when a bug hits your home. Rest and reinforcements are ideal! You may be worrying about the kids getting sick next, and if they do, you need to be completely healthy to take care of them.

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