Single Moms – Don’t Be a Sitting Duck for Your Date

Don't be a Sitting DuckBeing a single mom can be emotionally exhausting at times. The need to find comfort and love can sometimes make us an easy target for some men. It is important that while we keep out minds open while dating, we also make sure that the men we do date are not taking us for a ride and abusing out emotions.

Some tips below on how to identify and guard against men who seem to be seeing you as nothing more than an easy target to use and abuse:

  • Over board – If you find that the man is making too many promises, without getting to know you, it may indicate some trouble. If the man seems too good to be true, he just may be. Some men will try and feast on your insecurities and lure you in with promises of the moon and stars. It is important that while you enjoy the lines given to you, you do not fall for them and end up doing something that you will regret later. Your gullibility in this scenario will cost you very dearly and may even leave you nursing another heart ache.
  • Too eager – Another sign that the man is looking for a quick entry and an even faster exit is if he is too eager to take the relationship to the next step physically without any focus on the emotional aspect. Such men most definitely need to be avoided especially if you find yourself falling for them. Unless you are also looking for a playful non-serious relationship, a man who is too eager should be avoided.
  • Multiple partners – A man who is not willing to commit to you and prefers to have multiple partners is definitely not one that will offer you a stable future. If you find that the man is treating you with indifference and has several other dates lined up, it may be better to walk away from such a relationship, since it could cause a serious heart break.
  • Financial assistance – If the man that you are dating seems to be asking you for money frequently, this may be a good indication that the man wishes to use you. Many men see single moms who are getting alimony and child support as a financial means and will try and date them so as to be able to use their home, car and even money. Beware of such men and the moment you realize that you are begin used, bring the relationship to an end.

There are many men who will date you for who you are, but sadly, there are also men who will try and exploit you emotionally and financially. As a single mom you have to be careful not to fall into the trap. Keep your eyes wide open and your mind clear when you begin to date again – another heartbreak may cost you and the kids dearly.

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