Single Mother Dating Tips

Dating TipsDating is in no way like cycling. You can forget it and forget it rather soon too. So if you are a single mom and thinking of returning to the dating world then it will help to brush through the various tips that will come handy to you. While the dating rules and formulas maybe different for the single girls out there, you need to follow a different pattern since you are a mom. What you are looking for and what you are willing to expose yourself to is very different from a single girl’s aspiration.

Below are some ‘single mom dating’ tips that are going to come in handy when you get back into the dating circuit after your divorce:

  • Run away from players – While the players are no doubt really charming and know how to work their way around the lady, as a single mom you should avoid them like the plague. Men who are known to have several girl friends and have a Casanova image are just not suited for you. In most cases these men tend to woo with a lot of charm and will often spin yarns of romance. Falling for these men will in most cases get you into an emotional mess. Players will rarely change their ways and you don’t want to end up falling for these guys. Remember these players may end up meeting your kids too and who knows put them in an emotional mess too.
  • Considerate men win- A man who is considerate about your situation and understands that your kids come first is a definite winner. Men who are complaining about children or your work and want you to give all your time to them will not work for you. A man who understands that you are a single parent and have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders will be someone who will gel better with your hectic schedule. A man who is only about ‘me me me’ is nothing more than a waste of time.
  • Married men are a no no – Single mothers should avoid married men at all costs. Not only is a relationship with these men a dead end, it also sends out a real bad signal to the kids. You do not want to be the reason for someone else’s marriage break up, and simply going ahead with a relationship that is headed nowhere, is not smart. No doubt married men are seen as symbols of commitment but always remind yourself that they have been taken and you should steer clear of them no matter what sob story they give you.

Keep these simple single mom dating tips in mind and you will fare better in the dating world. It is not like there are no men out there who would like to date a single mom, so do not force yourself into dates that spell trouble from day one. Keep your ears and eyes open when you go back into the dating world and you are sure to fare well.

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