Before I had my 9 month old son Carter I had a very strong opinion about women in the kind of situation I am in…..

I always thought that there is no reason for a woman to ever just get pregnant unexpectedly. I know it happens everyday but thought it was dumb and careless…. then it happened to me.

I also always thought that if a woman just got pregnant and didn’t even have enough money to support herself and the baby then she shouldn’t keep the baby…. then it happened to me.

I also always thought that a baby needed two parents and that its better to have 2 crappy parents then just one who can barely make it…. then it happened to me.

NOW I THINK I am the luckiest human to ever walk this planet. I love my life. I want more but I love what I have too much for words. I can’t give Carter the world now, but one day I WILL be able to. And I want to say right now to every woman who ever had someone walk out on you with a baby and you decided you could do it without them and your love would be enough for your child…. I APPLAUD YOU!

I used to be judgmental, now, when I see MY SON I know why God put me in this planet! And as much as I want a whole family with a husband, 2 story home, white fence, big dog and 2nd income…. I would die a happy woman if all I had was my Angel Son and trouble making rent! I don’t want anyone’s pity I just want to tell all the people I know who have horrible situations unfolding in their lives that YOU ARE AS STRONG AS YOU MAKE YOURSELF!

Give yourself time to grieve… like one weeks time. then move on.

Everybody on the planet deserves the opportunity to be a parent and to feel this power. That is what it is Power. I suddenly have a drive to succeed and to progress that I never had before and with the success and progression comes achievement and pride. Be proud. YOU ARE AMAZING!

Everyone on here is having a hard time at something, and everyone on here needs financial and personal support. But you are doing it. Each and every day. And we all deserve to be proud of that!

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