Insights Into Family Finances By Randi

Mother, author, and budget extraordinaire, Randi shares her insights into family finances with a realistic point of view.

Her indispensable tool for being in control of her finances: a budget! Read on to see how it not only works for her, but how it can work for you, too!
Randi Lynn Millward, author and mother of 3, resides in northwestern Pennsylvania. She holds a certificate in Creative Writing and Manuscript Marketing and has an ASB in Business Management with an option in Human Resources Management.
Randi is the author of seven books, including Basic Budgeting, 100 Income Streams for Full-time Moms, Beyond the Traditional Lemonade Stand, and A Book About My Grandmother, amongst others, and her writing has appeared in the Business Builders section of the Christian Work At Home Moms (CWAHM) newsletter on more than a dozen occasions.
Randi's books are available on and other participating retailers. Basic Budgeting, is a very useful tool for anyone and everyone to be in control of their finances. It is easy to understand, very useful to single moms. The book is also very affordable. highly recommends it.
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