Striking a Balance Between the Kids and Your Social Life

Social LifeBeing a single mom does mean a lot of responsibilities. With no spouse, the entire responsibility to look after the kids falls on your shoulders. Most mothers will take this responsibility very seriously and dedicate their lives to raising their kids and looking after them. However, while this is a very noble path to walk it can get lonely once the kids grow up and begin to lead their own lives. You may feel left out or worse even begin to hover on the kids and demand their time. This is why it is very important that you keep a social life despite the fact that you are a single mom. This does not mean that you should ignore the kids in any way. Striking a balance here is of essence.

A few tips below will help you to strike a balance between caring for the kids and following a social life too:

  • Set out personal time – Even God rested after he made the world :-) Everyone needs some rest and rejuvenation time. So begin by setting out some personal time each week. Organize it in such a way that the kids are cared for by someone else during this time. You could hire a babysitter, send the kids to their father or even the grandparents’ home, etc., and step out during this time. You can even form a group of mothers, where mothers take turn in taking care of the group’s kids, so that the other moms can have personal time. Weekends are a great time to follow your own social life while the kids can be cared for by someone else. During the weekend you can go on dates or even attend parties or have friends over, while the rest of the week would have your routine of work and caring for the kids.
  • Kids needs come first – While setting out personal time is a great idea, you need to balance it with the fact that the kids needs come first. So, if a kid gets sick during a weekend, you social life will have to take a back seat while your attention is given to the child. Similarly in case the child is facing some other problem, you will have to shelve your personal time in order to cater to the kid. You can postpone your social event for another more suitable time. Never compromise the safety of you kid in order to pursue a social life.
  • Organize mutually fun events – There are certain social events that may work for both you and the kids. A movie or even a day at the bowling alley may allow you to have some fun, while the kids can also enjoy their time here. You can also host parties where the kids can call a few of their friends too and you can have your friends come in. This way everyone can enjoy the social get together and party as a family.

Being a single mom is no doubt a tedious task, but it is important that you never loose sense of yourself. You are a person and like any other person you have certain needs. Do not alienate yourself socially but instead learn to balance between the kids and a healthy social life so as to be able to lead a wholesome life.

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  1. Cristina says

    Being a single mother is the hardest thing in the world! Right now i work a fulltime job, a part time job and i am in school, then i have my childs needs. I’m stressed, tired, fed-up, depressed at times, and i have no social life. My income is gone before i know what i have made, and eveything you go out to do whether its for me or my son requires spending money i do not have, so we stay home alot! I am needing time to myself sometimes i just feel like running away!

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