Striking a Balance between Work and Play

Balance between Work and PlayChildren need to study and they need to play too. Unless this balance is right the child is going to suffer in some way or the other. As moms we do not want our kids to ignore their academic front and at the same time would not like them to become book worms with no practical knowledge.

Below are some tips that will help you to strike a balance between the child’s play and work:

  • Schedule – The one way that you will be able to strike a balance in your child’s play and work activities is if you maintain a schedule. Chalk out a program for the day where you know how often the child is playing and how many hours are invested in school and at home studying. This schedule will help you to see if the scales are tipping towards any one side. If you find that the child is studying too much you can adjust this by bringing in more play time and vice versa. This schedule can be a weekly one or if you like something that you follow on a daily basis. Setting this time table will help you stay with the program and also offer the kid a well formatted program for the day.
  • Make play educational and work fun – In case you find the child is lacking academically and you is therefore forced to put in extra hours in her studies, do camouflage it in play. Instead of leaving her with the books for hours on end, take her outside and help her understand the practical aspects of the same concepts that she is studying. So if the child is reading up on germination, conduct a practical experiment where she digs up some soil and plants a few seeds and then maintains them till they grow into plants. This ways you will be able to ensure that her academic stand is also looked after and she is not left cooped up in the house right through the day.
  • Encourage both activities – In case you find that your child is playing too much and her studies are suffering, work with her to move her attention to her books. If on the other hand you find that your child is with a book always, then involve her in some play so that she is able to enjoy that too. Sometimes as mothers we tend to lean towards academic excellence so much that we forget to balance it with play. It is crucial that we encourage both activities and never loose focus of one or the other.

Children need a wholesome and well balance childhood and while we do want them to progress and grow up to be successful, pushing them towards academics only is not the way to go about it. As a mother it is important that you balance your child’s activities so that she is able to learn from her studies and enjoy playing too.

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