Talking to Kids on Taboo Topics

Taboo TopicsThere are some topics which are considered almost taboo for kids and as parents we too happy to avoid them. Strangely, these taboo topics will always come up sooner or later and it helps to be prepared well to handle the situation. Parents will often brush these topics under the carpet in the hope that their kids will forget them, but sadly this does not happen. Kids try and find other sources of information and in some cases these sources are not reliable, which leads to further complications. It is best that our kids learn about these taboo topics from us so that we know what is going on with them and our communication with them remains free.

Some tips on how to deal with the so called taboo topics that our kids may need to know about:

  • Stay non-biased – When dealing with taboo topics many a times our own biases get conveyed to the child. So if the kid is asking about gays, we may also express our own opinions on this front. It is best to talk to the kid in the most neutral way possible. After you have explained the various aspects of the issue, you can go on to add what your opinion on it is all the while stating that different people have different calls on the topic. If we are able to talk on the taboo topics without seeming biased, children will come to seek information from us more freely as opposed to if we seem lopsided in our logic.
  • Explain logically – Taboo topics like sex, death, drugs, alcohol, etc all need to be explained to the kids in a logical way. While there is a tendency to camoflouge these topics with stories and myths, it would be best to stick with the scientific and logical versions. When talking about these topics to kids try and stick with the truth as far as possible. If you bring in the stories and the non facts, you my end up confusing the child no end and this will only worsen the situation.
  • Don’t suppress questions – When talking to children on these topics, the kids will often have a lot of question to ask. No matter how uncomfortable you are with the question, do not suppress it. Try and explain it to the child in the best possible way and if you feel that the kid is not at an age to understand the situation, then simply let the child know that it is not age appropriate and if you guys can talk about this matter again in some time.

In most cases parents will shy away from topics like sex, and while most schools cover this in sex education class, it will help to talk to the kids on this front as a parent too. Matters related to the family, which can only be answered by you as a parent should be given their due as well. Remember, brushing the topic away will not help in the least.

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