Assistance for Single Moms in Texas

Single moms can get assistance and grants in all counties and cities across the state of Texas. There are many organizations and charities you can find in Texas that can provide additional assistance with different types of bills, in addition to the state programs listed below.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
Help with buying the food they need for their good health is offered to single moms with lower income by the Texas Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Food stamps are typically provided to single moms and low income families if the program’s requirements are met. More information at 877-541-7905.

Emergency Food Stamps
Emergency food stamps also known as expedited food stamps are given faster to those families and single moms in an emergency situation.

Texas Food Banks and Distribution Centers
Inform yourself on where in the state of Texas you can go to for food and groceries that are being offered by food banks and pantries to help people in need. Call 214.330.1396 to contact the North Texas Food Bank.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
Only single mothers that are below both resource and income limits that are set for the program can receive a TANF grant. A comparison will be made by the HHSC between a family’s income and how much the family pays for bills including basic needs such as utilities, rent, child care, outstanding debts, and other work related expenses. Money in the bank, cash on hand, and type of vehicles you own are also resources that are considered. To help with bills and debt, families who are approved for the TANF program, will receive cash payments for six months. Families can also receive Medicaid benefits if they are already receiving TANF benefits. Call the Texas Department of Human Service (DHS) for more information at 800-448-3927.

One-Time TANF
The one-time TANF grant payment, destined for single moms that are in a short term crisis, will provide a $1000 payment in cash. Call 877-541-7905. The purpose of it is to help families facing a short term crisis such as:

  • Job loss
  • Not being able to get to work due to the fact that their vehicle needs repairs
  • Loss of financial support, such as loss of child support, which they were receiving for a child. The payment can help with paying for utilities, rent and food
  • The inability to find a job after one has graduated from college, university, junior college or technical training school.
  • Loss of a home or an apartment
  • Health care or medical emergency.

Child Care Subsidies and Financial Aid
Assistance on a portion of their child care costs may be given to low income single mothers that are working, attending school or training for a job as long as they qualify. This state and federal government grand program is overseen by the Workforce Solutions offices in Texas. For help with applying for and managing unemployment benefits claims call 800-939-6631.

Mortgage and Foreclosure Aid
Programs that can help you with paying your mortgage and also avoiding foreclosure are offered by the State of Texas. Qualified single moms can get help through local resources, including government and non-profit assistance. Contact a US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-approved Foreclosure Intervention Counseling organization at 800-569-4287.

Rental Assistance
Vouchers to assist single mothers in need with paying their rent are provided by programs offered by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA). Assistance with fees and security deposits is also offered. 800-525-0657 to find more ways to get help with paying your rent.

Rental Vouchers in Texas
A portion of a beneficiary’s rent can be paid by the federal government housing choice voucher program. The primary program is section 8. 800-955-2232.

Social Services and Government Aid
The Texas Health and Human Services Commission is the leading organization to contact. Free medical and dental care, food assistance and energy bill help are part of the range of resources offered to single moms across the state. 877-541-7905.

Debt Consolidation, Credit Card Bills, and Financial Counseling
For low cost or even free advice, credit counselors from non-profit organizations can be contacted. Developing a budget, getting out of debt and paying bills are some of the things you can work together on. For credit counseling around the state of Texas, call 800-792-1119.

Financial Assistance for Crisis
The Salvation Army is, due to limited funds and the fact that only qualified people may get help, the leading charity to call for assistance. Programs can help pay rent, utility bills, provide food and vouchers, and other aid.

Community Clinics for Health Care
Patients can receive for a low cost, or maybe even free, health and/or dental care from the hundreds of clinics and medical centers that are located across Texas.

Medical Care and Assistance for Uninsured
Single moms who lack health insurance or are uninsured have several programs made available to them. Free medications, specialty care, check ups, coverage for preexisting conditions and more is what the state and partner agencies will provide to help

Dental Care and Related Services
Dental care is offered by a large number of community clinics, non-profits, and medical providers to single mothers with limited or no insurance. If you have Medicaid, and are 20 years old or younger, call Texas Health Steps at 877-847-8377 to get a dental checkup.

Texas Medicaid Program
Eligible needy single mothers can be provided medical coverage from this Federal and State cooperative program. Improving the health of people who might otherwise go without adequate or proper medical care for both themselves and their children is the purpose of Medicaid in the state of Texas. There are also means by which you can get prescription drugs, free health care, and more. 800-252-8263 for the Medicaid client hotline.

Women’s Health Program
For single moms with limited incomes, aged from 18 to 44, the Women’s Health Program will provide some Medicaid services. With the possibility of it being renewed each year the woman qualifies, this program will provide one year of assistance/coverage. 800-335-8957.

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Perinatal Coverage
For pregnant women who meet certain income requirements, the CHIP program, which is perinatal coverage, will provide prenatal care, if the applicant does not qualify for Medicaid, and if the person does not have any other health coverage. 877-543-7669

The Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) or the Children's Medicaid program can offer health care coverage to low-income children. A wide range of benefits to keep kids healthy, including immunizations, doctor’s visits, prescription drugs, lab and X-ray charges, eyeglasses, hospital care and dental services are given out by these two programs.

Legal Aid
Free legal services are given. For qualified low and moderate income Texas single moms, programs that offer advice and representation are made available. To contact the Lone Star Legal Aid program call 800-733-8394.

Employment Services, Case Management, and Grants
A community action agency can offer low income single moms in Texas a number of services. Finding a job, accessing education services and applying for government grants are all things a case manager can help you with. 800-558-8321 to contact the Texas Workforce Commission.

Texas Employment and Training Assistance
Individuals can get help searching for jobs or gaining new skills, if they seek additional training, experience in the workplace, or if they are unemployed. Several services for residents are administered by the Workforce Solution Offices. 800-735-2988 to contact Workforce Solutions in Texas.

Disability Resources
Disabled individuals and their caregivers are offered assistance programs by the state of Texas. Information on medical care, in home services, home modifications can be provided by the leading agency in this field which is the Department of Disability Services as well as providing assistance with the application process and other forms of financial benefits. 325-677-6815 to contact Disability Resources, Inc.

Energy and Utility Company Programs
There are many financial aid programs that are administered by non-profits and directly by power companies. These programs aim to help single moms that struggle with energy and utility bills. 877-399-8939 to contact the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

State Education Grants for Single Moms

State Education Grants for Single Moms

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Texas Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP)

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