The Banana – More Than Just a Fruit

The BananaOriginating from Malaysia, the banana is today a fruit that has found a place all over the globe. Known for its many health benefits, the banana can be found in green, yellow and also red form. When ripe the peel of the fruit tends to turn yellow and in its green form it is cooked and eaten in many communities. The banana is a fruit that goes way beyond just its flavor and finds a way into many other places apart from the plate.

Below are a few benefits of the banana that go beyond just consuming the fruit:

  • Hair packs – Bananas are rich in iron and potassium and so work fantastically as a hair pack. They make great conditioners. All one has to do is churn a ripe banana in a mixer or squash it with a fork and apply it to the scalp and hair strands too. This paste needs to be left on the hair for about 45 minutes and then simply washed off. You will find that your hair is smooth and shiny and over time these packs will also help to strengthen your hair.
  • Foot and hand softeners – The minerals in the banana make is a great pack for the hands and feet. A large banana mashed with a few drops of lavender oil and applied to the hands and feet helps to heal cracks and also smoothens the skin. The pack can also be mixed with a spoon of curd in case of battle brittle nails also. Do make sure you wash the pack off after 20 minutes by using cold water only since warm water or soap will make the area dry again.
  • Mosquito bite relief - It has been found that if you rub the insides of a banana skin on a mosquito bite, it not only reduces the itchiness but also brings down the swelling. Since there are not many other relief options for a mosquito bite, this one works very well and is safe enough to try on little children too who tend to scratch their mosquito bites too hard unless offered relief.
  • •    Hangover cures – Due to the high potassium levels in them, bananas make a great hangover cure. You need to make a banana shake and add some honey to it. The drink is great to clear up the head within a few minutes and also provides the system with the much needed sugars to keep the energy levels up. It is a safe and natural way to fight the heaviness of a hangover.

Bananas are of course known for their many health benefits also. Those suffering from ulcers will find that the banana offers them great relief. They are great for people who are stressed and need instant energy. The high levels of potassium in the banana are a stress buster and also help to keep the stomach clean.

So in case you kitchen is missing this special fruit, make sure you add it to your shopping list.

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