The Perfect Mom

Really? No, there is no such thing. Just as the magazines and media can present the photo-shopped perfect image, (again, no such thing)… moms can get caught up in that whole notion of comparing themselves to what looks like the “perfect” mom.

Mapping out quality time with your kids, getting your laundry washed for your family, putting food on the table, setting up payment arrangements for your utility bills, finding the best bargains to clothe your family, stretching your grocery budget to the last crumb, sounds far fetched, then hey everyone, you’re already there, and that looks pretty near perfect to me.

Perfect, I don’t know about you, but the mere mention of that word, begs the question, Who are you fooling? There is always room for improvement and new ideas that are better than the last….so don’t be fooled, or judged, or lose sleep over the need to feel, be, or look perfect. Don’t use valuable energy in that direction, put it to better use, to live your best, in any and every situation. Do what’s right, not what’s popular or cool, that my friends, make you even more cool.

As women we all struggle with self image, areas we feel insecure about, but in the bigger picture I want to hang out with someone who has a great personality, values, fair judgement of others, a good sense of humor, a belief system, integrity, and a great love for family…oh yeah, and by the way, don’t forget the most important judgement call: In the eyes of your children, you look Perfect to them. God Bless, Laurie.

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