The Wonders of Springtime

The Wonders of SpringtimeYou know what they say… never lose the child inside of you. That couldn’t be more true when I think of the changes and joy this season brings to all of us.

This is the time of year, for new beginnings and change is all around. Nature is blooming, animals are bearing their young and people want to feel refreshed from the winter blues.

This season calls to us to get outside, enjoy the fresh air and feel energized. If you have a bike, dust it off and start a ride. If your stroller has been packed away from those rainy days, open it up and take the babies and toddlers to the park. If you want to start something new, whatever that may be: change in employment, a new look, a more healthier you and kids, now is the time!

When winter is (finally) over and you feel sort of stuck, let this time of year start working for you. There is much to be said for all that oxygen that wakes up the brain, invigorates you, and makes you think more clearly. It’s about feeling better, and getting the most out of life. It’s the best time of year to enjoy the flowers, the trees, the fragrances all around us, and the gentle breezes that ease us into summer.

When I was a younger mommy, I couldn’t wait for this season to begin. The tricycles, bikes, stroller, lawnmowers, it was fun for all of us. One of our older neighbors would let me take some cuttings from her beautiful garden plants and my kids and I would begin our own. These kinds of chores were not work to them, they loved helping in the garden, and taking turns using the hose to water everything. We used sticks to mark what we planted and waited for those first few seeds to sprout.

Grow, that’s what this time of year can do for all of you wonderful mother’s out there. This season, let yourself grow and expand your sense of self and your abilities. You are all great mom’s with a heart filled with love for your children. Perhaps Nature can really do wonders for us, after all, it brings us visions of color and beauty every day. Think of yourself as a force of nature that is ready to grow. New thoughts, new beginnings, as a more confidant mother, and be the special woman you are meant to be.

Happy Springtime!

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