Tips for Feeding the Picky Eater

Picky EaterMost children seem to have an aversion to healthy food. Right from toddler stage, most kids will refuse the carrot and the broccoli and happily lap up a deep fried potato chip. As parents it can get to be quite exhausting trying to feed the child healthy food. And if you have a picky eater who will sit with his/her food for an hour and complain mostly and eat little, you may be hopping mad already.

Below are some tips to help you feed your picky eater better:

  • Healthy nibblers – Kids love to nibble and if you want your picky eater to get more nutrition you have to offer healthy nibblers to these children. Instead of a bag of chips bring in vegetable chips or roasted wheat and other similar healthy bites. You could make some at home too. Right from crunchy carrot and broccoli salad with cheese and lime to a fruit salad all of it will work as a filler for your kid and help you get important nutrition into the child too.
  • Package it – Children will eat almost anything if it ‘looks’ interesting to them and if you have a picky eater you have to learn to package it well. Depending on the age of child, put in more effort into making the food that you offer more appealing to the kid. A smiley face on the mince pie or a butterfly made of hash or even a colorful drink to go along with the food, a picky eater is more likely to get attracted to these foods than to the routine stuff.
  • Habits – Children are often given to some strange habits and if we understand these we can work around them. Try and figure out the foods that your kid does well with. Make these foods more often if you feel that the kid is happy eating them. There are some children who will eat the same thing for weeks on end while others may not like to be served the same recipe more than once a week. Judge the habit of your picky eater and cater to it. If the food on the table is more to the child’s taste buds, he/she is likely to accept it with greater ease.
  • Hunger time – We often tend to feed our children before they get hungry and this makes them fussy eaters. It is important to offer food to the kids only when they are hungry enough to appreciate it. Try and see how long your child takes between meals. Every kid has a different system and while one may get hungry within an hour of having a meal, another kid may want food only after three hours of so of eating. You must give the food to the kid only when the child is hungry and not before time.

As moms we do worry that picky eaters are not getting in sufficient nourishment and so will often turn to supplements. However, this is not a great idea unless your doctor has recommended it.

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