Tips on Shopping With Your Date

ShoppingAs a single mom who as gone back to dating you will need to brush up on a lot of dating skills. One of them is going shopping with your date. Sooner or later you and your boyfriend are bound to shop together and this shopping experience can have a serious effect on your relationship.

When going out shopping for the first time with your boyfriend keep the tips below in mind so as to ensure that you do not come across poorly and are able to send out the right signals to your date:

  • Shop for mutually interesting things – The best way to keep it interesting for both you and your boyfriend is to shop for things that are interesting for both of you. So if you enter a clothing store, pick one that offers both women’s and men’s garments. This ways both of you are looking around and having fun instead of one just waiting for the other one to get over with the shopping. In most cases men tend to tire of shopping early as opposed to women and you must keep this in mind. The shopping experience must stay interesting for the both of you. So if you find that he has had enough, stop for a coffee break or something and then pick up again if you like. Right from groceries to accessories to even clothing and shoes, you can shop for it all together as long as the store offers something for both genders.
  • Steer clear of baby stuff – When going out shopping with your date for the first time; don’t go into the kids section even if the guy has kids of his own. Shopping for kids is rarely fun for the man and he can get bored of it in a few seconds. Kids stuff may attract you a lot since you are a mother but men can read into this differently. Sometimes a man may see this as your desire to have more kids and may feel that you are coming on too strong. It is best to not shop for the kids with your date at least when stepping out shopping together for the first time.
  • Don’t sound needy – While shopping you may see something you like but cannot afford to buy. Do not whine about it and sound needy to your date. This will seem like you are emotionally blackmailing him to buy the thing for you and while he may buy it for you, he will not take nicely to this. If he sees you as trickster who tricked him into spending money he is likely to move away from you faster than the speed of light. So whatever you do, make sure that you are not making him spend on you, unless the very intent of the shopping trip was for him to buy you something and he himself had proposed this.

Shopping with your man can be fun and if you get it right, you will enjoy several other similar experiences with him. So keep the tips above in mind so as to ensure that your shopping together goes off well.

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