Toddler Proof Your Home

ToddlerBringing up a toddler single handedly is a humongous job. Toddler and trouble seem to go hand in hand and more often than not one will find the other sooner or later. As a single mom you will find that it is best to toddler proof your home so that you kid is safe and you don’t have to go running behind the child to see if everything is okay.

Some tips below will help to toddler proof your home and make it safer for the baby and easier for you:

  • Electric safety – First things first. Begin by sealing off the electrical outlets. Make sure that there is no electric point in the house that is not baby proofed. In most cases a plug will be installed which can easily be removed when you need to use the point. All wires should be pinned down so that the kid cannot yank it and as far as possible should be sealed off completely from the child’s reach. Lamp cords, television cords and all similar wires should be covered with a thick cover so that the child cannot pull it or get tangled in it.
  • Furniture safety - This one will take an extra effort and a careful eye also. Make sure furniture with sharp edges is cushioned off. All drawers and cabinets should be latched properly to that the toddler cannot open them at any given time. The dining chairs should always be pushed in so that the kid does not trip on them and the breakable glass tops and curios should be kept completely away from the child’s reach. Make sure that the dinning cloth is folded up so that the toddler cannot pull it down and cause havoc.
  • Household items safety – There are a lot of potentially dangerous things that our homes have and these must be kept away from the toddler at all costs. There are razors, knives, detergents, cleaning solutions, breakable dishes, glasses and the list is almost endless. All of these things can harm your toddler and you must make sure that they are locked away safely far from the child’s reach. Even simple things like skid mats in the bathroom or soap and shampoos and even pins and clips need to be kept away from the child.
  • Architecture safety – While the items in your house are one thing, your house itself will need to be looked into when child proofing it. Make sure that all staircases have a safety gate both at the top and the bottom. All doors and windows are locked firmly and there are no sliding doors that can hurt your kid in any way.

Toddler proofing a home will take a lot of effort and may actually happen in steps. However, it is very much worth the effort especially if you are the only care giver in the house and need peace of mind that your baby is safe while crawling around and you don’t have to run behind her all the time.

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