Tools That Every Woman Should Have At Home

ToolsTools are for men, but then are they? Most of us moms believe that tools are toys that men play with and will not bother to even understand them. However, tools are very useful and there are some essential tools that must form an integral part of every home. These tools are handy and almost every housewife must know how to use them in order to run her home smoothly.

Let’s take a look into some of the tools that every woman should know about and possess too:

  • Screw Driver – Now that is an essential tool no doubt. A screwdriver comes in handy when trying to drive screws. Screw drives can be either flat or star types. The latter works on screw that have a plain slit running across their face, while the latter is for screws that have a star shaped cut on their face. Screw drivers come in various sizes too and a small size one usually suffices for most screws. Right from screwing in a screw of the pan to opening up a back lid of the kid’s battery operated toys, a screw driver is needed for it all.
  • Hammer – Again a very important tool, a hammer is important to every household. Right through the day there are things that need to be hammered in and a hammer is the one way to get it right. While a hammer is commonly used to hammer a nail in, it has several other purposes also. So right from hanging up that picture in the living room, to hammering in a pantry shelf back in place, you will need a hammer for it all.
  • Pliers – This is an important tool too and is basically a pair of metal levers joined together. The task of the tool is to hold on objects firmly and pull them out or bend them. These tools are used for physical compression and come in handy to fix a jutting out nail in the garage or even pull a nail out of the living room wall.
  • Drill – Most women would not want to use a drill but will happily use a blender to make a smoothie. Drills are not dangerous and come in varying power. A low power drill can make a lot of your jobs much easier.
  • Wire Cutter – A wire cutter also known as a stripper is very important in any household. They are useful when one needs to cut of wires that are hanging loose from the fence or even if looking to cut wires of a certain size in order to hold up certain plants in the garden.

There is no denying the fact that tools help us get the job done faster and better. Learning to use these tools will help you in a lot of ways and you will be surprised at how often you use them. So enjoy these tools and get a decent tool box in place today.

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