Top 6 Ways to Make Your Place Look Better on a Budget

Spicing up your home’s decor doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Instead, consider the following tips to help your home look better when you’re on a budget.

1. Eliminate Clutter

Eliminate Clutter
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If you take a look around your home, one thing might seem obvious: it looks bad because it’s dirty. Sometimes, no matter how much you try to clean, your home can still maintain its cluttered appearance. Instead of accepting that clutter and letting it sit, organize it better for a clean look. Storage bins are cheap, and they’re an excellent way to eliminate clutter, so get that clutter off the ground and organize it with storage totes. If you don’t have closet space, you can place the storage boxes on a shelf for the same clean appearance.

2. Decorate With Flowers

Adding flowers to your home is an easy way to give your place a more pleasing look. Simply choose your favorite flowers, place them in a vase, and let them brighten the room with their stylish appeal. If you’re not good at taking care of plants, purchase fake flowers so that you won’t have to take extra time to water or replace them, allowing you to always have that flower appearance without the wilted look.

3. Spice Up Your Window Decor

Spice Up Your Window Decor
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Whether you choose blinds or curtains, adding a splash of color or a unique style to your home is simple with window decor. For example, create custom wood blinds by The Shade Store for a style that’s all your own, or install curtains over each window to add color to your place. The best part is that these products don’t cost much, and you don’t have to be too creative to do it.

4. Hang a Mirror

That big open space on your wall can cause your home to look bland, but when you place a mirror in that empty space, the room seems to open up while adding a sense of style and more color to the room. Choose from countless styles to match your home’s decor best.

5. Make Your Own Art

Some of the best decorations that can make a home look better is the artwork that you make yourself. Best of all, you can do it for cheap. Visit the flea market and look for frames, shelves, plates, and other unique items that you can redo on your own. Paint the pieces, add ribbon, or decorate these items any other way that you want. This is a wonderful way to reuse pieces while creating an eye-catching exhibit.

6. Get Painting

Get Painting
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Adding some color to your home is a wonderful way to spice up your decor, and painting is a cheap way to completely change your home’s appearance. If you’re on a tight budget, you don’t have to paint every wall; instead, choose an accent wall to bring an eye-catching aspect into the room.

When you use these tips, you can completely transform your home from a bland home to a well-organized, uniquely decorated space that you and your guests can enjoy.


Written by Alicia Rades

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Alicia Rades has been freelance writing since 2010 and has written countless articles on a variety of subjects, from health and finance to product descriptions and travel.

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