Unclog the Drain without Harsh Chemicals

Baking sodaA clog drain will make most of us turn towards chemicals, but this does not need to be the case. More often than not a clogged drain can easily be fixed with some natural methods that are effective and do not damage the environment either. It does help to know the layout of your home pipes when hoping to unclog the drains without using chemicals. All the same, even if you don’t know the pattern in which your drains have been arranged, you can manage the task well.

Here are some tips that will help you to unclog your drains without bringing in heavy duty chemicals for the task:

  • Use plungers – One of the main reasons for drains getting blocked is if solids get stuck in the curves and prevent the free flow of water. Using plungers get these solids to move further down the pipe helps to release the block. Of course the same kind of plunger will not work for every blocked drain pipe. A plunger for the toilet is very different from a sink plunger and so it will help to keep a few different types of plungers in the home. Simply use these plungers as directed and push them a bit so as to dislodge the solids blocking the drain and allow the free flow of water once again.
  • Borax powder – In case the plunger alone is no good go on to the next level. Throw some borax powder into the blocked drain pipe and let it lie there for about half and hour or so. Now throw in some hot water and wait for a few minutes. After this use a drain snake which is basically a contraption that bends along with the corners as you push them through drain pipes. The borax powder helps to create bubbles within the drain thus weakening the hold of the blockage. The drain snake is ideal in weakening the blockage even further and since it can travel around bends too, it can do much deeper than the plunger.
  • Baking soda – Another trick that works like magic is using baking soda. This one is known to be very effective especially in cases where the soap sediment has lead to the blockage. Here you will need to add some baking soda to some warm water and make a thick paste. Simple pour in this paste into the drain pipe and let it do its work for about an hour or so. If you can leave it over night even better. Keep adding some hot water again and again into this drain. The baking soda helps to cut through the soap and the warm water helps to push it down. A simple shove of the plunger will release the blockage and make the water pass through smoothly.

While these measure are all very effective, in case none of them work, one should consider calling in a professional to look at the blockage rather then using chemicals and exposing yourself to some very harmful fumes.

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