Veronica's Column

The single mother of Tony tells us of her rebellious teenage years, loss of loved ones, moving out at 17 and her trials and tribulations of being a single mom at the age of 21, but more importantly, about lessons learned and her plans for the future.

Making it Work

We will never walk alone.

Single parenting, being the breadwinner AND going back to school? Who can do it all? Well guess what, we ALL can! The help is out there, and here at we also offer support. So together, let’s Make it Work! Balance. It’s a word I never really paid much attention too when I was younger, … [Read more...]



Being a single mom forces you to occasionally make decisions that may resolve an immediate problem, but rarely do you get a chance to focus on the future and providing security for your family. In this economy one has to take what one can get, if anything at all.  Then there comes a time, or several … [Read more...]

The Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

I’m sitting in my apartment, staring at the blank place where a Christmas tree should be, and tears are just flowing. Everyone is in bed at this point, so I am all alone with my bottle of Merlot, minus the glass. All I keep hearing in my head is Tony’s voice saying “Mom, why don’t we have a tree … [Read more...]

My Hero

Love my mom

In life at some point or another I think we all have our own personal hero. For me, it is my mother. Well, let me not lie, at first it was Rogue (from X-Men), because she was just so tough and had amazing red hair, and then it was Vampires, in general, ALL of them! When I finally grew out of the … [Read more...]

The Day

I was sitting on the black leather couch Mike and I had just bought only a few months ago. Leah was at my feet, wagging her tail, looking for attention, which we rarely gave her. I don’t know if it was the awkward silence or just the need to get out of the house, but Mike decided to go to the store, … [Read more...]

About The Author:
Veronica was born in New York, one of four siblings of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent. Her family moved to Miami in 1996, where Veronica began her normal rebellious teenage years. She used to get into a lot of trouble during middle school, even to the point of expulsion. Once in high school she turned her act around. Things got better until 2002, when two of her best friends were murdered. From the trauma of her loss, something in her changed that day, and she was never the same. She suffered from a nervous breakdown and regretfully dropped out of high school. Veronica started to work full time as a hostess at a restaurant. That is where she met her son's father - she was 17. After a short while, they moved in together, and then Tony was born.