What NOT To Do When You Stain Your Clothes

StainStains and clothes seem to be having a love affair of sorts. No matter how hard we try, sooner or later a stain does manage to creep onto our clothes and we are left wondering what to do about it. While there is no denying the fact that there are several DIY methods that help one get rid of the stain, sometimes the stain just will not budge. Just like there are some things that will help you get rid of the stain with more ease, there are some things that will make the stain even more stubborn.

Some tips below that will tell you what NOT to do when you do stain your clothes:

  • White vinegar – Vinegar is said to work very well on stains and this is why many of us will attack a stain with white vinegar in order to weaken it and maybe even remove it fully. Sadly, the vinegar is basically acetic acid and we tend to forget that this acid can not only damage the fiber of the fabric but can also fade the colors. While you may manage to remove the stain on the clothing, you may also pull out the color in that patch. Silks, poor quality cotton, rayon are only some of the fabrics that vinegar will damage.
  • Milk – There are some people who believe that cold milk can help to fight certain stains. This is not true at all. Instead the milk will stain the fabric even more since it has protein content in it. Protein stains are very difficult to get off and you may find that while the initial stain may be removed, the milk one is stubborn and will leave a murky yellowish patch on your garment.
  • Lemon – This is one fruit that is often grabbed when one stains clothes. There is no denying the fact that lemon may help fight off certain stains but it is also true that lemon also damages the fabric. Rubbing in too much lemon can not only push the stain further into the garment but also end up in discoloration of the area begin scrubbed. If using lemon, make sure you squeeze the juice out and then apply it on the said area. Mixing some cold water to dilute the effects is also recommended.
  • Dishwasher detergents- Using dishwasher detergents on food stains is a common strategy but not one that works well. Dishwasher detergents are highly alkaline and are meant for use on dishes only. Applying them to your clothing can give you a serious rash and also result in colors fading. Never make the mistake of using these detergents on woolen clothes or silks.

In case the stain is serious and you know for sure that a trip to the dry cleaners is on the cards, it is best to not fidget with the stain. Cleaners find that dealing with stains that have not been tampered with is much easier and do recommend getting the garment as it for cleaning.

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