What’s That Smell? 7 Home Remedies that Remove Odors

Our houses are full of smells, and not all of them come from scented candles and baking cookies. When your home has an odor that’s less than pleasant, there’s no need to go out for an expensive bottle of cleaner. Just reach into your pantry for one of these 7 odor-removing remedies.

1. Baking Soda

Baking Soda

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This is a classic multi-purpose odor neutralizer. Try sprinkling it on your carpets and letting it sit for a few hours before vacuuming, or sprinkling it in your litter box. Set a box in your fridge to keep food odors down, or soak storage containers in warm baking-soda water to make them smell fresh again.

2. Vinegar


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You keep your home safe with security measures like Lifeshield security systems, so it’s natural you’d want to use a safe cleanser as well. Vinegar is a disinfectant good for killing bacteria and mildew. It’s safe to use on almost material and gentle enough for children and pets. Spray your carpet and furniture with it, or use it on mildewed clothes that have been in storage. As the vinegar scent dissipates, so will the odor.

3. Ammonia


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When you have a strong odor like cigarette smoke, you need a heavy-duty product to get rid of it. Set out bowls of ammonia (at a safe height from kids and pets) to soak up the odor, or dilute it with water and wash down floors and walls. Like vinegar, the ammonia smell will take the odor with it as it dissipates.

4. Lemon


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Citrus peels and juice can both be great for food and pet odors. Add a little lemon juice to your cleaning solution as you wipe down your counters or mop your floor, or run citrus peels through your garbage disposal to get rid of rotten food smells. It also acts as a great natural air freshener.

5. Peroxide


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Used carefully, hydrogen peroxide can remove stubborn musty odors and mildew from fabrics and surfaces. Mix one part peroxide (3% solution) to two parts water in a spray bottle. But make sure that the surface won’t react with the peroxide; peroxide oxidizes, so it may bleach or stain some fabrics.

6. Dryer Sheets

Dryer Sheets

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They don’t just make clean clothes smell fresh. They’re also great for removing odors from pet bedding. Rub the bedding down or toss it in the dryer with the sheet to remove stubborn smells. Toss a few in the box when you pack up winter clothes and blankets to keep them smelling nice, or put some in your closet to keep out musty odors.

7. Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract

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This extract not only tastes great in cookies, it can remove food odors from your fridge, freezer, and microwave. Wipe down your refrigerator and freezer with a little vanilla extract after scrubbing to keep it smelling delicious. Put some in a bowl and run it through the microwave for one minute to remove the smells of past meals.

There’s no need to buy expensive cleaners and air fresheners. Just dig through your pantry to find a few of these quick, effective home remedies to clear your home of odors.


Written by Yazmin Gray

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Yazmin Gray loves a clean-smelling home. She writes, blogs about writing, and teaches writing to high school students.

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