Why as a Single Mom You Must Begin to Date Again

Single mothers have a whole lot of responsibilities on their head. They have to manage the home front and mostly go to work too. It gets even worse since all of the responsibilities have to be borne alone. To top it all is the sense of loneliness than tends to get worse with passing times as the kids soon grow into their own lives. While divorced mothers may feel that they do not ever want to go back to dating again, this is not the right path to walk. It is important or these ladies to get back to dating in order to be able to lead full and happy lives.

Some reason as to why it is crucial that single moms begin to date again are listed below:

  • Sanity – Children are no doubt a source of great joy for mothers. However, there is also a need for adult interaction. One cannot go through life talking to the kids about their day. In order to keep your sanity as a mother, you will need to share your life with another adult. Yes friends and family do count here but the joy that a partner brings in your life is definitely therapeutic. In order to keep your sanity through difficult times, it is best that you step out and begin to date again. Remember wasting time will only make matters more difficult and the sooner you get a grip on your life the better it is. Dating will help to keep away from frustrations and thereby keep a positive state of mind.
  • Empty nest – There is no denying the fact that sooner or later children will grow up and move on with their lives. They will find their own jobs and own life partners. As a divorced mom you may find that the empty nest syndrome will hit you very hard. Stepping out and dating will increase the chances of you finding a life partner and having someone to share the golden years of your life with. While it is true that your marriage ended badly, this does not mean that you cannot have another shot at happiness.
  • Pound of flesh – Mothers who tend to give up their lives for their children will often get irritable and sad with the passing years. They will value their sacrifice a lot more than the kids will and often demand their pound of flesh from the children when they grow up. Putting your life on hold will make you bitter and alone and these are perfect ingredients for a sad life. Do not walk down this path. You have been given a life and you must live it to the fullest.

So don’t hesitate to find love again and simply step out once more into the dating arena. There are many men like you who have also gone through these difficult times and it is a fact that most couples who get together after a divorce last long since they do not make the same mistakes again. As a mother there is no denying the fact that you need to pay full attention to your kids, but this does not mean that you should sacrifice your life in the process.


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  1. Sarah says

    I’m a only parent and at 31, feel my life is Over. I haven’t had a relationship since high school. I had been on a few dates before 21 but none since. I’m a romantic and want to find love. However, the other part of me says your daughter is in high school and I don’t want to start another life/ family and leave her out. Plus I’ve been rejected for a huge part of my life I’m afraid to let someone in.I also don’t feel its fair to burden someone with my physical pain issues. How do I make the first steps towards dating? Or should I learn to love my single life more?

  2. Beth Webb says

    I have been a single mom for over 10 years. My main focus when I divorced was to provide security for my children. With that being said I did not think about making myself happy. Long story short now I’m 49 years old I want to date but I’m afraid of rejection and I don’t trust myself to make a good decision when it comes to men. I seem to run them off without saying a word. Now I find myself alone on the weekends and I know it’s just going to get worse when my youngest goes to college, provided we find money for her to go. It would be a shame if she couldn’t because of me, she is a good girl and has made straight A’s all the way through school.

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