Why Teens Aren’t Listening

Why Teens Won't LIstenTeenagers have a reputation of being monsters. They seem to defy all logic and be on a perpetual grump with their parents. Despite having no apparent conflict with the parents, teens do tend to be a bit moody. There seems no one clear way of handling this situation but it is also true that understanding the root cause of the problem will help to deal with the situation better.

So lets take a look at the few factors that make teens so non agreeable:

  • Hormones – The one root cause of a lot of teens getting secretive and strange is hormones. When kids enter into their teen age years their hormones begin to play havoc on them. These kids experience certain bodily needs that they had never before imagined. They begin to undergo a change that consumes them completely. At this stage the galloping hormones tend to take over all other things and the teen prefers to figure out things at his/her own end. Here some sort of talk does help and of course lending support is also important but in most cases letting the child sort out these hormones at an individual level works the best.
  • Peer pressures – Peer pressure takes on an all new and enlarged role for kids when then enter their teen years. Most teens are not even sure what they are doing but do it all the same so as to stay within the socially acceptable realm of their friends. Right from clothes to strange talk to even ignoring the family, these kids could try their hand at it all. Here as a parent you will need to pick your battles. So while wearing torn jeans should be overlooked, if you find your kid smoking or drinking then you need to jump into the situation. Sooner or later your teen will pick a group that he/she is comfortable with and this group will also help shape your child’s personality to a large extent.
  • Experimental – Teen age is the time for experiments and most kids are trying their hands at different things. These experiments will lay the foundation for their coming years. Learning so much new stuff on a personal front does fox the teen and this leads to a certain aloofness from the older generation. Teens try and establish their presence, will refute authority and may also break out into a full fledged rebellion. In most cases these issues are temporary and with the right guidance, the teen will settle down to easy pace of life. These phases are common in teen years and will actually help your kid take his/her first few steps into the adult world.

Teenage years are difficult for almost everyone. Most teens will fall and learn and move on with their lives. So if you teen is ignoring you and not listening to you like a 2 year old, don’t start hyperventilating. This is a very normal phase of teenage and with proper guidance and love, you child will sail through it with ease and grow into a wholesome adult.

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