Your New Beginning

Your New BeginningWinding down the holidays, putting the decorations away for next year and going over the bills. While this may be the story for many families, the Christmas Season was no different from many ordinary days when it comes to money problems for the single mother. It seems even though this time of year, is significant and meaningful, to many single moms it is just as overwhelming as any other day. A single mom’s bills don’t take a holiday like everyone else, you are juggling the same bills day after day.

I can remember how shopping for the simplest of grocery items, left me feeling frustrated. I could see that eating healthy fruits and vegetables were very expensive. The healthier cereals, and milk ate a big chunk of my grocery money, after all I was feeding the six of us. I felt that all the stores and fast food chains preyed on the poorer families. Why not? We had very little money to feed our kids, and that’s how they take advantage of us. It is too easy for mom’s to buy the cheaper, less nutritious foods. You need to stretch a $20 so why not go to a fast food place and get everyone something to eat for under $10?

Don’t cave into their false advertising. Put your “Wise-Mother” hat on and send a message to the grocery stores, the fast food chains and the ad companies that they are undermining the poor. I know they don’t force you to buy their food, but their ads target the poor making you feel you are saving money and yet you get a full belly too. Yes, you do get a full belly. Now once in awhile is fine, but three to four times a week is just not a healthy diet. I searched for a market that sold fruits and vegetables at such a discount, that you could spend $15.00 and come out with four to five bags of food to last a whole week, including school lunches and snacks! You have to ask around to see where these deals are. Children grow, develop, learn and thrive more with this healthier alternative to fast food.

I know it is hard to resist, those empty calorie foods, cereals, treats, fast foods…but you must try. Think about your child’s brain and feed that future mind of theirs. Give them the best opportunity for a life of greater possibilities. The same goes for mom too, you need this nutrition as much as they do. You will feel better, have more energy, and actually stress less, as most of the healthy fruits and vegetables have so many nutrients in them, they help manage stress, and emotional behavior. Less sugar, more fiber, makes for a healthier you.

Next time you are driving to a fast food place, keep going, and drive to the grocery store. Let your child pick out their favorite fruit for a snack and you will start a new trend. By the way, they will have fewer visits to the dentist and the doctors office too!

This New Year, start with better nutrition and better health.

Article by Laurie Cesario-Overton

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