3 Doable Weight Loss Tips

Weight LossBeing over weight is not just about lowering your cosmetic appeal; it’s about lowering your health quotient too. Sadly while gaining weight hardly takes much, losing weight is never easy. One has to exercise, eat right, drink enough water, get proper rest and so much more and even then you may not lose your weight as easily and swiftly as you gained it.

Below are a few weight loss tips that are very do-able despite your hectic schedule and even low stamina:

  • Carb control – Carbohydrates give out long term energy, while proteins are more sources of short term energy. Carbs also take longer to digest which is why they make us feel fuller for a longer time. Eating more carbs makes us gain weight if we are not following a heavy exercise schedule which helps to burn the carb in time. As mothers, very few of us are working out at that level where our carbohydrate intake is all consumed by the workout it self. It is therefore crucial that we adopt carb control. Not eating carbohydrates after 6 in the evening, cutting out while flour from your diet plan and also avoiding carb rich meals altogether will help to lose weight. Remember that when you cut out carbs from your meal, your body is likely to begin craving sugar and if you give in to such craving, your weight will not come down. Eat fruits instead of sugar and satisfy this craving.
  • Negative calorie foods – Another great way to lose weight is to eat a lot of negative calorie foods. These foods have lesser calories in them than the ones used by the body to digest them. Some negative calorie foods are asparagus, broccoli, apple, cucumber, beetroot, lettuce, etc. Add these foods to your diet plan, since they help you feel full and yet do not stuff your body with calories.
  • At home exercise tips – While controlling your diet does help to lose weight, do keep in mind that exercise is a huge part of this process. If you cannot go for long walks or cannot find time to join a gym, a few home exercise tips will help a lot. Begin by going up and down the stair case as often as you can. Bring out the skipping rope from the kids room and slowly build your way up to 1000 skips a day. Going about your household chores with ankle and wrist weight is another great way to exercise your body and help build some muscle mass too. If you lose weight with the help of exercise, your skin will not sag and you shall be able to retain a firm look. If you base your weight loss only and only on diet control then you will end up losing energy as well as your firmness.

Losing weight requires consistent efforts, so do not hope for miracles. Keep your efforts going and in due time you will find that you have been able to shed weight and better your stamina and health also.

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