6 Tips For Getting Asked Out More Often

6 Tips For Getting Asked Out More OftenThe weekend is quickly approaching and you don’t have a single plan that doesn’t involve a trip to the neighborhood playground and squashing tantrums. Single motherhood comes with its own challenges, but dating doesn’t have to be one of them. Here are 6 tips to increase your chances of going out, after mommy hours.

1.    Dress Like a Woman
Being a mom doesn’t mean you’re not also a woman. Men often want a woman that looks like a woman. You can run into opportunities for dates anywhere, so even if you’re just running to the store, opt for a skirt instead of sweatpants. And face it, is it really that much easier to wear sweatpants than a cotton skirt? Show off those legs with a pair of heels. When you take efforts to look feminine and sexy, you feel more feminine and sexy. Go ahead. Try it. You never know who you’ll run into or meet.

2.    Be Confident
If you don’t have confidence in yourself, then why should someone else? Nothing is sexier than confidence. Love your body regardless of its shape, accept and appreciate compliments, and see your qualities for what they really are: facets of a beautiful personality that makes you a wondrous you.

3. Try New Things
You won’t meet anyone by sitting at home changing diapers all day. Look up interesting things going on in your area, find someone to watch the kids and go. You don’t need a bosom buddy to have fun, and it’s easier to meet new people when you don’t have a friend as a crutch. Take that guitar class Wednesday after work or go on the community snowshoeing trek on Saturday morning. You don’t have to be any good at it. Just go out, have fun and make new friends. In the process you’ll gain more depth and possibly make a connection.

4. Put Yourself Out There
Exercise your social skills by casually chatting up people you come into contact with every day. Is the person in front of you at the grocery store buying 12 cans of oven cleaner? Make a friendly quip about the state of their oven. What about the guy at the Red Box machine that just apologized for taking so much time? Talk about how long it takes you just to get the machine to scan your card. Be friendly, upbeat and personable.

5. Play Your Cards Right
Meet someone really interesting and attractive but don’t want to be the one to ask them out? Casually mention the movie you were thinking of going to that evening. Don’t sound like you’re fishing for a date. Go to that movie regardless of what happens, and be pumped about it. But if he’s interested in you, it gives him the perfect opportunity to suggest going together.

6. Be Bold
It’s no easier for guys to put themselves out there, especially if they aren’t sure if you’re interested. Go ahead and flirt a little, show them a little attention, tell them you really enjoy talking with them. Go so far as to suggest hanging out some time. Watch their cues to determine their interest level and give them space to either move forward with further conversation or time together.

Written by Caroline Kingsley

Caroline Kingsley is a single mom, marketer, blogger and former journalist.

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  1. Peter Brown says

    I do tend to notice ladies that are not in sweatpants when I’m out doing my errands. And being a single father, I sure know how hard is to know if a lady is merely being polite, or if there is a chance of something developing.

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