Exercise Plans for Single Moms with No Time to Spare

Exercise PlansIt is easy for children and young adults to follow an exercise program since in most cases their day is free enough to adopt a sport or even go to a gym. However, as we go forward, many of us single moms find that taking out time for exercise is not easy. Our jobs, paper-work, caring for kids, doing various chores, all of this adds up and absorbs the entire day. Indeed this leads to a disaster situation where we get no exercise and steadily begin to gain weight and along with this weight comes all the problems related to it.

If you are a single mom who has no extra time for exercise in your regular schedule then following the tips below will help you tremendously:

  • At home workouts – Instead of trying to join a gym or other such workout programs, adopt one that you can follow at home. When one has to dress up and step out in order to undertake the exercise, one may decide to postpone it. However when the exercise can be done at home, that happens easier. Pick on options such as an exercise tapes, skipping, a treadmill at home, etc. All of these workout plans can be followed at any time of the day and even if you have free time late at night or early in the morning, you can get some exercise done. A home workout plan also helps save on ride time to and from the workout place and this is a dual advantage of such a program.
  • Short workouts – Working people find it difficult to take out and hour and a half to follow an exercise routine at a gym and this often makes them give up the entire routine. Instead of opting for a full cardio and weight training session program, try and pick out smaller workout routines. A 30 minute run, 15 minutes of skipping, 25 minutes on the cross trainer and even a quick weight training routine for a single boy part; all of these are beneficial and effective without taking up too much time.
  • Lifestyle changes – When your lifestyle does not leave you with any time to exercise, this means its time to bring in some lifestyle changes. First and foremost, begin by cutting down on your calorie intake. Eat healthier foods that are not so heavy in calories. With a lower calorie intake you chances of weight gain are also lower. Also it will help to try in as much physical activity as you can. So take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to closer by destinations instead of driving down. Ride the bike, if you have the chance. These seemingly small changes will help a lot in keeping you healthy and fit.

Just as you take out time to eat, irrespective of how busy you are. Similarly exercise is also something you must make time for. Exercise is not just about losing weight but instead staying fit and healthy.

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