Free Charity Cars

Free Charity Car

Established in 1996, The Original 1-800-Charity Cars  is a 501(C) (3) non-profit charity with its stated mission “To engage in activities that will uplift humanity”. The organization’s main focus is to provide free donated vehicles to struggling families to assist them in their transition from dependency to self-sufficiency. They are considered the pioneers of the free car-ownership concept. Their entrepreneurial organization is totally self-sufficient and succeeds without a penny of government funding.

Struggling families nationwide apply for a free charity car at the organization’s car distribution website.  Their website was designed to make the process of choosing who receives a free vehicle as fair as possible by providing a forum where individuals can engage the public and pro-actively pursue their dream of car-ownership. FCC members invest “sweat equity” by voting for others and promoting the charity. The website also provides the charity with the ability to quickly identify qualified recipients in communities nationwide and to match each donated vehicle with each prospective applicant’s specific need. Surprisingly, the unique website has organically morphed into an ever expanding, caring online community offering compassion and hope to struggling Americans.

How It Works

Step 1 – Create Your Profile
Creating your profile is fun, fast and free. This is an opportunity to tell the world your story. Explain why you are the most deserving candidate* and why everyone should vote for you. You can make us laugh…or you can make us cry. Either way, don’t hold anything back…let it all hang out!

* Even if you don’t need a Free Charity Car you can create a profile, vote and promote, and transfer your votes to a deserving friend.

Step 2 – Generate Votes & Promote
Generating votes is crucial to receiving a Free Charity Car. By generating votes your profile attains a higher page rank, thus moving you up the list to have your application reviewed when a donated vehicle becomes available in your area. The process of generating votes and promoting FCC “pays it forward” by spreading the word and increasing the popularity of our website which leads to additional vehicle donations that can be awarded to our neighbors, and maybe… even to you. The more you help others… the more you help yourself. Remember, we’re all in this together… we are all one.

Step 3 – Bond With Supportive Friends & Apply for a Free Charity Car
The Free Charity Cars website is a caring online community offering compassion and hope. Our loving members form special bonds and support one another through life’s toughest challenges. Many members report that they find the process of simply sharing their story very therapeutic. As you develop friendships and vote for others, you receive votes in return. The very act of daily voting for others creates good karma for you, and serves as an affirmation of love and hope for the recipient of that vote. By voting and promoting you will improve your profile’s page rank, help others, and be at the forefront to be selected to have your application reviewed when a vehicle is donated in your area.*

* Free Charity Cars usually reviews the applications of top ranked members first so keep generating votes and always stay active on the site.

Find answers to questions you might have at Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Jessica Simeone says

    I truly feel for you and your story. I am going through a very similar situation right now and have hit dead end after dead end and really have no where else to turn. I have no family support, no job due to lack of transportation, my kids even miss school some days because I can’t find rides to get them there. I’m also required to be in therapy once a week but I’m having trouble attending because I do not have a vehicle. To make matters worse I suffer from severe depression and have not left my house almost all winter due to not having a vehicle. Now that summer is approaching the kids are asking when we can start doing fun activities and the answer will always be “we have no way to get around”. I am currently in a bad relationship that started out better than amazing. He was everything my kids and I needed after their father, also a deadbeat, cheated on me, beat me and after 7 years we then filed for divorce. My current boyfriend turned out to be no better. Like the men in my past I have found yet another that sees no fault in verbally and sometimes physically abusing me and then tells my daughters that it’s “mommy’s fault”. I desperately do not want my girls growing up with this because I know first hand what their future will look like. Currently I’m on disability for a brain injury. My social security check covers just enough to keep us under this roof and the power on. I am trying every possible avenue I can think of in my state of Vermont but again I just keep hitting dead ends. Anyway thank you for sharing your story, I hope something happens for you soon! thank you for listening to mine. Take care and God bless.

  2. Andrea Akbar says

    If there is someone out there that needs the vehicle in my state more than me then I do ask God to send it their way.
    My names Andrea (18yrs old) I have a 4 month old son named Dré who has been the light of my life since God blessed me with him. I just signed myself out of foster care in January. When I did that everyone looked at me like you’re going to be a statistical teen mom who left foster care. But that is not my plan. I have goals I wish to accomplish. I want to go to school for Nursing, I want to show my son that nothing will bring me down and that I will do anything to support him and keep him happy. I recieved my license February. Now in order to do what I have to I need to have a vehicle to get from point a to point b. Dré needs to go to daycare in order for me to go to school and work. I dont have a job right now because I have no ride there and no daycare due to lack of a car. I know God will bless me with something even if it isn’t through this program but anyhow I do hope someone sees my story and reaches out to me. I feel lonely out here

  3. charla smith says

    First off I would like to thank God for guiding me to this website for the opportunity to possibly win a vehicle. This would be a great blessing for me and my two boys. I am a single who is striving for a better life for me and my children. I`ve just lost my job due to a unreliable babysitter which caused me to lose my job. I have no income and live in a town with no public transportation or anyone that will help. I’m not the kind of mother that wants to sit on her behind I need a job quick and fast and in a hurry while bills pile up and the stress of my health from having diabeties I need transportation to get to appointment’s and the stress of heartache from men not being there as they should the deadbeat father that does not lift a finger to see or provide for are children. I am so worried about my children becoming a statistic from being fatherless children, a vehicle could be provide transportation for my children to be involved in positive activities, help me to find a job and to get back and fourth to a job, to make health and doctor appointments for me and children, and to gain independance, and to show and prove to my boys that you can do anything you put your mind to and I will do this by attending a school in the near future. If I am not the winner I know its because someone needed it more then I did and that’s a blessing in either way. If this agency cannot help me I just ask if there is any other resources that can help in my state of P.A. I would like to thank you for the opportunity God bless to everyone that is really in dieing need of more then I am thank you

  4. Sarah Musgrove says

    Im at my breaking point I dont know what else to do. This looks like a site that could really help me with a car. At least i pray to God it is. My name is Sarah Musgrove I have a 3 year old son named Noah who is this light of my life. He is the reason i am trying so hard to succeed. I have no money and no car. I cant go back to school, I cant get a job, I cant get to the job even if I got one, and there is no bus fair where i live. Im literally stuck. My son is allowed to go to daycare only if i get it a job and i have only 2 more weeks to do so. I dont know what to do. Even though its a struggle finding him a way to get to daycare it is more than worth it! He is learning so much. So please im literally begging someone anyone to help me be a better mom and get a job and education so i can create stability for my son and I. I dont normally do this but I am leaving my phone number so please please call or tex me if you think you can help. Thank you for taking the time to read this message and if you cant help please just pray for me. Also if you want to meet in person to better decide if Im someone you want to help that would be fine with me.

  5. Alicia Pinon says

    I am a 39 year old single mother of 4 beautiful children.I moved in with grandma after I lost my son in car accident .I have to help her out she was sick and cant be left alone so it mkeeps me from having a job myself.I really need transportation to take my dajughter to school aand grandma to her doctor appointments.

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