Free Financial Resources at Your Fingertips

Free online resourcesWith the unlimited resources on the internet, financial information and resources are much easier to find and use now than they used to be.  I remember calling the bank numerous times when I was shopping for my first home trying to figure out what my price range was.  I was thoroughly confused by the escrow and had no idea how to figure it in to my mortgage payment.  The loan officer at the bank was both helpful and patient, but I’m sure I was a bit of a thorn in her side.

Now, many years later, and back to house-shopping, I no longer have to call my bank to figure out my price range.  Not only does my bank’s website have free financial calculators that I can use, but countless other websites offer that information as well.

Below are some of the website I’ve frequented and found to be helpful.

The Northwest Savings Bank Mortgage Calculator:

CBN Finance Calculators:

Financial Calculators from

And of course Dave Ramsey:

No matter what financial decision or equation you’re trying to figure out, there are many, many resources online to help you.  So, take advantage of the information at your fingertips.  With such easy access to financial help, not knowing isn’t a very valid excuse anymore.

Article by Randi Millward

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