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Free Legal AnswersDo you ever find yourself trying to figure out the law all on your own? Whether you’re looking for answers on divorce, labor law, custody, elder law or family law (plus pretty much every other type of law), you can ask your questions on The best part of this online legal Q&A is it’s FREE! All the attorneys reading and answering your questions are certified attorneys and specialize in the area of law you are/going to inquire about. The site is super user friendly as you can ask your questions right on the home page of the site as well as browse past questions and answers. They even organize the answers by State in ensure you are getting the right answers.

Another service they offer is providing legal forms such as wills, trust, divorce, contracts, and the list goes on and on.  If you happen to not get the answers your looking for, you can always search for a lawyer in your area specializing in whatever your current needs might be.

LawGuru has truly put together a plethora of information right here at your fingertips. Take advantage of the free legal advice, not to many things in life are free these days.

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Free Florida Legal Advice

Every now and then some of us suffer from legal issues and we sometimes can’t find the resources, answers or help we need. That’s why has come together to provide information about organizations that provide free legal help to low and moderate income Floridians. They have a list of lawyers specializing in all areas of law and even have local offices for those of you who are more comfortable with face-to-face meetings.  The site also has links to other sites such as, which gives special help for members of the military, veterans and their families.

Also, under their Family Law/Child Custody section, they provide information for victims of Domestic Violence and gives them financial help and resources to free them from their abusers. Also, there is a directory of legal forms for all family law matters if you are interested in representing yourself (Pro Se). The resources are endless and thorough; take a look around, they just might have the answers you’ve been looking for.

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  1. CARMELITA says

    HI i need to know how or what i need to do to divorce my husband that has been in mexico now for two years..he has charges of domestic violencethat i was involved in how do i do it and divorce him?

  2. Jessica Cox says

    2 months ago (end of April) I left my live in boyfriend and took our daughter she is 1. We did nothing but argue and I had no love for him anymore. I went back home to my parents house in the same county. We have had several arguments since then and it has got physical on both sides. Thats because he is so verbally abusive to me, I slapped him, he shoved me down and my dad shoved him. He has been taking our daughter for visits several times in the past 2 months and this last visit he refused to return her. We have both filed for custody. I went and got a copy of the paperwork yesterday and he put down my parents address as our daughters residence. I have been to the police several times to ask for help but nothing. They can do nothing because he has possession of her at this time. He lives in Staunton City limits and I live in the County (Augusta) Virginia. Any legal suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

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