Fulfilling Dreams

Tree of EducationGrowing up we all have dreams of becoming doctor’s, lawyers, fireman, policeman and so many other things.  But there comes a time in our lives where we forget those dreams. We put our educations on hold to “grow up”. We become consumed with PTA meetings, work schedules, mortgage payments and all those other things that come along with being an adult and having children. I mean who has time to juggle all that and school? The sad truth is that we ALL do! It just takes dedication, sacrifice and some support.

Nowadays, going to school is easier than ever! There are so many technical schools, private/state colleges and even trade schools. Oh, and let’s not forget my favorite one, ON-LINE COLLEGES! These institutions help work around YOUR schedule. You can maintain a job while furthering your education for a better future for yourself and your family.

I know the idea sounds exhausting and even impossible. We all have responsibilities, limited time and stresses in our lives. Adding school to the mix is definitely going to add a lot more to your plate and it won’t be easy. But anything life worth having is worth waiting and working for.

Education is your door to endless opportunities, not to mention it makes you an amazing role model for your children. There are programs that run anywhere from 6 months to 8 years, you just have decide what path you want to take and then begin your journey. Going back to school is not something to be looked at with fear or dread, but rather as a chance to fulfill those childhood dreams.

One path that I always suggest to single moms who have limited time is nursing. The programs usually only run for 2 years depending on where you go and there is money out there to help you go, one of them is the Connecticut Nursing Scholarships and Grants. There are also Federal Education Loans for people in the health care field. It seems like bettering your future for yourself and your family has never been easier. The resources are out there, it’s just up to you to make the choice to begin the journey.

Written by Veronica Diaz

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  1. shannon says

    i have trouble reading and doing anything with it ihave 3 kids i have moved my kid more times then i can count and lived on the stret with them my son i gave to my mother and my one doght to the father cause the father of the only one i have out of 3 is in jail for trying to kill me and the youngest father with a hammer it was all over the news he got proled a year later and found me by dss child suport evin when i gave them a pfa and sined a paper in frar of my kid and my own life and he broke his prole and hit my sister in the tummy and choke her with a phone wier till she told him what he wanted to no he killed her baby she was carrying and the cop came and said they were taken him to jail they let him out of the cop car 2 bloocs from my house he then came back and beat and raped me and hit my son so hard he stoped breathing and he was 2 at the time and as i am giveing my son mouth to mouth he is kicking me and telling me to let the little basterd die and he also kick me in the tummy when i told him he was going to be a daddy she lived she is the onjy one i do have and he was in jail when she was born got out and whent to my mothers house who had my son and almost killed them my mom had to tell him were i was and he came to me house and thow me on the floor nocking are 2 day old babys head of a heater grat and open the oven and grabed the hot pizsa and put my face in it and strted hiting and chocking me till he thought i was dead and rapped me raped my boudy in nothing but a towle and put me in the back of a van when a cop stoped him he told him i had ran out in frout of him and he hit me they belived him and i wake up in a nut ward with no one beliving what i am say not leting me call any one i am in fl and ever one i no in ny after 6 month i am starting to think there right i have no new born and i am craszy then a new stafe member comes in and let ever one call home for chrismas and the ny cop comefrim what i have said is trure and let me out with nothing and now he is geting out i am on ssi i need a home

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