Housing Aid for Single Moms

Housing Aid for Single MomsHousing is the most vital necessity besides food to many households and yet many single mothers struggle with their housing payments every month. Single mothers in unfortunate circumstances may not be aware that there is aid available for them through many avenues. Many people believe that single mothers should have enough child support to live on their own but the fact is that many single mothers cannot collect on child support even when it is court-mandated. The costs of raising a child can be staggeringly high and even dual-income couples often have financial problems due to their children.

Government Welfare Programs

Most government welfare programs are extremely easy for a single mother to get into. The single mother needs to make below a certain amount and needs to have assets below a certain amount. Assets are anything that the single mother owns to include checking and savings accounts and a vehicle but many welfare programs will not consider a vehicle an asset if it is necessary for work. Welfare housing is usually a specific type of housing because the landlords need to agree to accept welfare recipients. However, this does not mean that the housing is unsafe. Many government welfare programs have lengthy waiting lists so it is in a single mother’s best interest to apply as soon as possible. While they apply for housing benefits they can also apply for food benefits and other care.

Community Welfare Programs

Many single mothers may be surprised to find out that there are community welfare programs in their area that will be able to help them, especially during a short-term financial crisis. Single mothers who suddenly find themselves unable to pay their housing costs can often look towards their church, temple or other non-denominational and supportive community organization for financial aid. While sometimes this aid is temporary there are many community organizations that maintain continual programs for the aid of the elderly and those with children. Single mothers have the best chances with a community organization that either they already have a relationship with or that they know someone within but many are open to anyone who can prove need.

Single Parent Mortgage Loans

Mothers who wish to raise their children in their home may encounter certain difficulties when applying for a mortgage. Mortgage loans are based around the income of the household and are usually centered on dual-income earners. This means that single parent households will often need to settle on a home that is less than half the cost of the ordinary homes in the market. Single mothers can consider apartments or they can consider going into a loan with their parents. It is inadvisable to go into a housing loan with anyone besides family because it can lead to extremely difficult complicates later on. While it is possible to get a home loan as a single mother many single mothers may find it easier to save up a larger down payment over time so that they can afford the house they and their family truly desire.

 Written by Brentt Taylor

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  1. vanna paul says

    i am a single mom with kids 3 i just lost my house due to non payment l been evicted with my kids because l cannot afford the payment please lam asking you to help me out with my kids and i am also pregnant carry my 4th kids

  2. wakiah a Jones says

    I am a single mother of 3 kids…i am homeless and am in need of housing for my children, i have paid for programs that resulted in no help. I am desperate and scared, i also have lupus which is exacerbated by stress. I need some assistance

  3. brittney epperson says

    need help with car job and home lost my job cause have no car people say they take me half time never show so lost my son needs a way to and from school he shouldnt have to worry bout how he going to get home every day while at school and i cant ever find anyone to give a ride or take me to look for another job so we are just stuck we stay where we with who we can but it been where buses dont run for school dont know what to do

  4. says

    I am a 23 year old mother of 1, my daughter is 4. I live in Columbus Ohio, and we are being kicked out of our apartment due to a break up! I have no where to live or take my daughter! I need a place to live asap! I don’t work as my fiance supported us. So i am in a very rough situation! Need help please

  5. Emily says

    I am a single mother of 2 boys one is 5 years old and other is 4 mts. I have no i come but my family has saved up money to put a down payment on a place. I am not working right now but am looking. I wanted to get into a hud home program but am having trouble. I have seen some hud houses that I was interested in and called a hud certified realtor who told me that I would have to have insurance in the home and mortgage all of which I don’t understand. This would help me so much if someone could find me a place with land between 20,000 and 40,000 i live in denham springs,La I don’t want to live in baton rouge due to the violence and bad schools thanks

  6. Andrea Davidson says

    I’m a disabled 42 year old mother with a 7 year old son living in Memphis TN. I’m awaiting my Disability case decision.I’m currently homeless and living place to place where I can .I have called different places in my area seeking shelter , but nobody can assist or accept me. The father of my son who has not been there all these years until now wants to take my son away from me because of my circumstances and that is something I cannot allow to happen . I would be willing to even relocate somewhere else if I can get some housing help for me and my son.

    Thank you

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