Dating and Relationships with Kristy

Do you think that now you’re a single mom, you’ll never find love again? Are you struggling with balancing your dating life with your mom life? Or maybe you’re just now considering dating again. Whatever your reason for needing advice on dating and relationships, I’m here to help!

Many women have trouble finding a meaningful relationship once they become single mothers or they think it’s impossible and give up all together! As a single mother myself, I know how hard it can be to get back into loves playing field. I’ve dated a lot as a single mom and I’ve learned a lot! Armed with my newfound knowledge, I’ve changed my outlook and my game. Finding love is very possible for you! Not only that but it can be a lot of fun too.

This column can help you find love again. My articles relate to all the ups, downs and everything you never thought about when it comes to dating and being in relationships as a single mother. You’re a beautiful, strong and independent woman and the only one that can stop you from finding love is yourself. Read my articles and pretty soon, you’ll agree!

Live Your Life for You


We all want to fall in love and live happily ever after. There’s no denying it but what’s more important, I didn’t learn until after my divorce. Single moms, married moms; we all daydream about finding the perfect man and planning the rest of our life with him but what about the rest of your life ... Read More »

About The Author:

Kristy CastoHello! I’m Kristy Casto, a full time Respiratory therapist, a full time student pursuing my masters in nursing, a blogger and writer and most importantly, a single mother to two of the most wonderful little kids in the universe!

Like most of you, I never imagined I’d end up being a single mother. I was married, didn’t have to work, and lived in a beautiful house with my two beautiful kids and husband. From the outside looking in, my life was perfect! But my perfect life was lacking in love. So here I am one divorce, a lot of tears and broken hearts later, more believing in love and happier than I’ve ever been! Finding love as a single mother is tough business and we all need encouragement and some best friend worthy advice. That’s where I come in!

In this column, I take my experiences (the good and the bad) and I give you the lessons I’ve learned without having to invest the time and hard work that I did. I only write about what I’ve experienced and what I believe in. I want to help you find the love you deserve because I know that no one deserves to be loved more than a single mother.

Kristy Casto