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At some point in all of our lives we dream of bettering ourselves by obtaining a degree, especially as a parent.

We all want to be role models for our children, and what better way to encourage them to further their education than to do it yourself? But then there is the age-old question, how do you pay for it? This is why we here at have compiled a wealth of information pertaining to that exact question.

Within this section, moms and students alike will find information and various options that are available to them. Whether you are looking for Federal Financial Help for education or Institutional/Private Financial Aid, you will find the information here. We have information ranging from Pell Grants, Loan Consolidation, FAFSA and scholarships such as the HORIZONS Scholarships, and many others.

Some of these programs require you to pay the funds back such as the Perkins Loan and others do not, like the TEACH Grant; it is just a matter of finding what works for you and what you qualify for.

IFUW International Fellowships and Grants

IFUW Scholarships

The International Federation of University Women (IFUW) offers a limited number of international fellowships and grants to women graduates for postgraduate research, study and training. IFUW fellowships and grants are open only to women graduates who are members of IFUW’s national federations and associations and to IFUW Independent Members. Students in any branch of learning may apply. Fellowships are offered  Read More »

Major Differences between Grants, Scholarships and Student Loans

Grants, Loans, Scholarships

When looking at furthering their education, single moms find that the cost of education is definitely a cause for concern. Grants, student loans and scholarships are the three most common ways of bringing in financial aid in the cost of the education. While the purpose of all these three is to lower the financial load on the student while pursuing  Read More »

Great Tips for Parents on Where to Find the Best Information for College Planning

College Planning

Helping your child plan and apply for college can be a daunting process. Many times parents do not know where to turn or how to start. Too often parents leave it up to the school to disseminate the pertinent information. While having a relationship with your high school counselor is important, the reality is school counselors often have a heavy  Read More »