Single Moms Resources Available at State Level

Every now and then we all need a little help, but we seldom know where to to start looking.

If you or someone you know is finding themselves in this situation, you have come to the right place. We cover resources available to single moms in all states, from Florida to all the way in Alaska. Each State has their own unique list of programs and organizations that offer assistance to needy families.

You can find here assistance programs from Housing Programs, Food/Meal Programs, Help with Basic Necessities, Financial Aid, Health Care Programs, Child Care Programs, Home Ownership Programs, Legal Information and more.

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Scholarships for Women in Louisiana

Scholarships in Louisiana

SWE Scholarships support women pursuing ABET-accredited baccalaureate or graduate programs in preparation for careers in engineering, engineering technology and computer science in the United States and Mexico. In 2014, SWE disbursed over 230 new and renewed scholarships valued at more than ... Read More »

Medicaid: LaCHIP and LaMOMS, Louisiana


Medicaid: LaCHIP LaCHIP is no-cost or low-cost health insurance for children. LaCHIP stands for "Louisiana Children's Health Insurance Program." If your child is younger than 19 and does not have health insurance, he or she could get LaCHIP to pay for seeing a doctor. LaCHIP covers care at a ... Read More »

Financial Aid in Mississippi

Financial Aid in Mississippi

Affordable College Savings Program - MACS Make the Mississippi Affordable College Savings Program a part of your savings strategy. Many families hope to see their child or loved one graduate from college someday, but it takes more than hope to get there. The Mississippi Affordable College ... Read More »

Lousiana: (Child) Support Enforcement Services (SES)

Lousiana: (Child) Support Enforcement Services

(Child) Support Enforcement Services (SES) What is Child Support Enforcement? Child Support is an obligation of a parent to provide emotional, financial, and medical support for a child or children. Federal law requires all states to have a child support enforcement program. In Louisiana, the ... Read More »