Single Moms Resources Available at State Level

Every now and then we all need a little help, but we seldom know where to find it.

If you or someone you know is finding themselves in this situation, you have come to the right place. We cover States like Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Louisiana and many others. Each State has their own unique list of programs and organizations that offer assistance to needy families.
Child support, childcare and food assistance programs are only a few of the many areas we cover in this section.

We also provide information on more personal matters such as adoption and shelter needs.

Even though the theme deals with resources for single moms, the information within this section will be beneficial and helpful to others as well.

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Washington Department of Social and Health Services – DSHS Emergency Programs

Mom with Bedtime Stories

If you find yourself in an situation such as: eviction, need of food, medical emergency, pregnancy medical care, homelessness, utilities shut off, domestic violence, non-receipt of benefits, need for daycare, circumstances which present harm to yourself, someone will be available right away to talk to you about your situation. Medical Programs: In case of a medical emergency, there is a  Read More »

Ohio Assistance Programs

Community and Family Support Program

OWF stands for Ohio Works First which is the financial assistance part of Ohio’s Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) program. OWF was established to provide time-limited assistance to eligible families. OWF provides cash benefits to eligible, needy families for up to 36 months. Program Requirements To qualify for this benefit program, you must be a resident of Ohio, a  Read More »

Child Care Programs – Colorado

Child Care Assistance - Colorado

Division of Early Care and Learning (CDHS ) is the lead agency on the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP). This program offers child care assistance to single moms that are working, searching for employment or are in training, and families that are enrolled in the Colorado Works Program and need child care services to support their efforts toward self-sufficiency.  Read More »

Colorado Housing Assistance

Affordable housing can be a particular challenge for single mothers. Housing assistance for single mothers in Colorado is available primarily through federal government programs sponsored by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. This federal government program works in conjunction with the Colorado Department of Housing to provide low income rental assistance, emergency shelters, and specialized shelters for cases  Read More »

Food Assistance Programs, Colorado

Colorado Food Assistance

Food assistance for single moms in Colorado with low-income is available. Eligibility depends on the size of the household and the monthly income. The Colorado program guidelines state that unless federal exemption criteria is met, applicants for the Colorado food assistance program must work, apply for work, and/or accept offers of suitable work. Applicants must also participate in the Colorado  Read More »

Louisiana: Community and Family Support Program

Community and Family Support Program

The Community and Family Support Program is intended to provide goods and/or services in a flexible manner to eligible people with severe physical and/or cognitive disabilities in order to help them live independently. What services can be paid for by this program? Communication services such as Braille devices, interpreters, etc. Community supports such as dental and medical care not covered  Read More »

California: Mercy Housing – Home Ownership Programs

California: Mercy Housing - Home Ownership Programs

Through our Mutual Self-Help Housing Program and our Down Payment Assistance Programs, Mercy Housing California offers people the opportunities to own their own home. Mercy Housing California’s Self-Help Housing Program enables low-income families to own an affordable home built with their own hands. More than 2,900 families have built their own homes, making Mercy Housing California the second largest producer of self-help housing  Read More »

G. Wayne Clough Georgia Tech Promise Scholarship


Tech Promise is a needs-based scholarship. Tech Promise is designed to fill a gap in the financial aid support system for low-income residents of Georgia. With scholarships, grants, and job opportunities, the program is designed to enable eligible students to attend Georgia Tech debt free. Eligibility: to be eligible, students must: Be a legal resident of Georgia Be a full-time  Read More »

SWE Baton Rouge Section Scholarships, Louisiana

Louisiana Scholarships

Society of Women Engineers/SWE Baton Rouge Section Scholarships Scholarship of $1000 available to female applicants who plan to attend the college in fall semester engineering or computer science. Only for full-time study. Award Information: Award Amount     $1,000 Application Deadline     April 21 Available to Class Level     Freshmen Not renewable Eligibility Information: Residency     Louisiana Gender     Female Area  Read More »