Taking Toddlers on Vacation

Toddlers Vacations with children are no doubt a lot of fun. However when these kids are very young, the vacation could get to be a problem. While infants are easy to take on a vacation, since they sleep through most of it, toddlers can be quite a handful. Vacationing with toddlers is no doubt a prospect that can scare most parents. These toddlers hardly sit at home peacefully, and then exposing them to unfamiliar grounds could be asking for trouble.

Instead of waiting for your toddler to grow up and leave for college before you set out on a vacation, it would be better to keep the tips listed below in mind and make the vacation with your toddler fun:

  • Keep the travel time short – When planning a vacation with your toddler, it will help to choose a destination that is close by. A long travel time will make the toddler cranky and upset. A travel time of about 3 to 4 hours should be safe. In case you plan on a destination further off, it would help to break the journey a bit so that the toddler can stretch her feet and relax a bit.
  • Carry entertainment – Toddlers bore of stuff very quickly. So while a video game or book may do perfectly well for a grown child, a toddler will tire of it in a few minutes. It is important to carry small yet plenty of entertainment options for your toddler when you are vacationing with her. Do not expect her to sight see with you and be charmed with just that.
  • Security blanket – As adults we enjoy a vacation and all the novelty that it bring with it. But for toddlers vacations can be scary since nothing her gives them the comfort of home. So when you set out on a vacation with your toddler, carry some familiar stuff from home that brings your kid comfort. A soft toy that she sleeps with, a blanket that she likes or even her favorite pillow will do it.
  • Make room for rest – When planning the day’s routine, do not get carried away with sightseeing and other similar activities. Your toddler will need to rest from time to time and so you should keep the afternoons free so that the baby can sleep and be ready for the evening rendezvous.
  • Children fun – The vacation you take your toddler on must have some toddler fun to offer too. If you are going to be shopping make sure that it is in an area where the kid has a play area to enjoy in. A visit to the local zoo or even a small trip to a fair may cheer up your toddler and allow her to enjoy the vacation just as much as you are.

Vacations with toddlers are not ‘mission impossible’. With just a few cautions and some sensible planning you can actually have a lot of fun on your vacation with your toddler and so can the kid.

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