Child Support Assistance in Florida

Child Support AssistanceChild support is something every single parent is entitled to; and something you shouldn’t have to go through alone. The process can become confusing and overwhelming, and just down right exhausting to the point where you just give up. The amount of paperwork, financial information required and locating the absent parent, it’s just all so much for one person to bear when they are raising and providing for a child on their own.

That’s why here in Florida there is the Florida Department of Revenue where you will find resources on how to properly file for child support and custody. They provide you information on the guidelines for the amounts of what your support amount should be and direct you to the offices on where to go to file your case. It’s as simple as filing out some forms and providing them with yours and the absent parents information. They handle the rest.

There is no excuse for NOT receiving child support, as the saying goes “It takes two to Tango”, don’t carry the weight all on your shoulders… the help is out there, you just have to go after it.

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  1. Tracie says

    Florida doesn’t do anything but make excuses for why the won’t enforce a court ordered child support. I had to write the state attorney in order to get Florida to do anything after almost two years of them doing nothing. I finally have a court date on 7/9 to go in front of a judge. So please don’t make Florida sound like their tough on deadbeats because their not.

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